How smart is it to stay dumb?

In the new era tech, we have many beffudling option to choose from, for our mobile computing needs…a laptop, notebook netbook, tablet, phablet, smartphone, smartwatch, or a combination of the above.

Apart from the SmartWatch which is the latest entrant into the mobile tech world, most people have probably tried one, or a combination of the others, in varying success.

Size doesn’t matter. At least the ladies agree.

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It is funny how the world seems to swing up and down like a pendulum, resting the dozen of our devices. Computing Devices used to be as big as whole buildings. Then the shrinking on size started. From mini computers to desktop PC, to laptops, notebooks, netbooks. The world decided that we need “always on”, “always with us” ultra portable computing devices. And we started seeing ordinary phones packing the computing power of full computers of decades past. I have a dumbphone for doing what a phone is supposed to do phoning and the ultra rare SMS. Then, I have smartphone which I hardly use as a phone. I don’t call with it. All it is used for is internet browsing, email, chatting and the once in a while movie  by virtues of its big screen.

That trend of tinkering with size eventually got us to the point of tablets of 10″+ diameter and below. Then the trend started reversing. Phablet, smaller than tablets but bigger than smartphones emerged (thanks to Samsung). We had phablet of between 5″ – 6.3, then smartphones stabilizing at between 4″ and 5.5″.

Now the SmartWatches are here, with their tiny screensizes of under two inches, with some having the ability to do (impracticably?) everything that the full fledged big brother smartphone can, and more.

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And, yes, some SmartWatches now cost as little as the lowliest smartphone, while running a special class of applications designed for these tiny things

Been ruminating…what (combo of) device(s) would enhance productivity maximally, while eschewing waste..?

The phablet was crafted to do the work of a tablet plus smartphone. But we soon discovered we needed more. A smartphone / phablet became too inconvenient in certain situations. A full sized tablet is too big in some other instances and couldn’t be used alone.

What to do?

I don’t use a wristwatch. Haven’t done so since the days I was using a digital diary, some two decades+ ago. With the smartphone always with me, I haven’t felt a need for a wristwatch as I always have the smartphone to tell me the time.

On a personal level. I have always felt those SmartWatches are just another fad, a toy without real benefits to most people. Those who may have their hands full.( like artists, doctors, mechanics, artisans, etc) have always been those I felt would benefit . But, for the rest of humanity, it was unnecessary.

That was my thought. Until now.

Now, l am having a rethink. Let’s look at it

Do I still need a smartphone if some smartWatches make and receive calls.. some have slots for SIM cards?

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The greatest weakness of a SmartWatch in its use as a non watch is the diminutive (screen) size, and the inconvenience of tapping on that tiny screen. Perhaps as voice technology improve and the OS running on these miniscule devices mature, the problem of input could be motivated somewhat. Voice commands have always looked exhibitionist for me in I belted acting with devices. Don’t want people thinking they have a schizophrenic patient on their hands!

I am beginning to believe that, things that would be hard to accomplish using a SmartWatch (like reading / crafting an email, consuming ebooks / magazines, using an Instant a messenger) could be dedicated to a tablet. The others could simply be handled by the SmartWatch.

Since the time of owning a Tecno Phantom AIII smartphone (which has a six-inch screen,) I only use the tablet for reading full sized PDF, and watching.movies.Nothing else (I don’t do games).

My current thinking is to limit myself to just two devices… A SmartWatch and a tablet (of at most 8 inches). Like holding a diary, taking the tablet about wouldn’t be a problem, but the SmartWatch would do the work of a wristwatch, and allow me make and receive calls without provlems. SMS use is dying, so that’s out of the consideration.

That way, just two devices would be necessary all the time (some SmartWatch even use dual SIMs, which fortifies the attraction).

What combination do you think would serve better in this age where tech companies are trying to turn us all into cyborgs, lugging numerous devices about)?

Is it dumb to go smart with a wristwatch?

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