Someone said..

I just read a story where 2 people were found dead in a car with the air conditioning system on…

Can the car air conditioning system kill???

Here is the story.

There are two possible, most probabl reasons for the twin deaths. 

One. The exhaust system was leaking into the car and poisoned them

Two. The car (likely new) emitted a fatal amount of noxious gas from the dashboard, upholstery and other plastic related materials in the car.

When cars are still new, the interiors emit different gasses which can be toxic / carcinogenic. The emission is worse if the car has been parked for a while during a hot day, or in brilliant sunlight.

While it is natural to switch on the car air conditioning, with the windows wound up, immediately upon getting in, this could be a dangerous habit, as the gases would have built up inside the car due to heat.

The safe thing to do is to always aerate the car for a minute or so before winding up and switching on the car air conditioning.

Different cars have different toxicity level. One of the reasons for the use of these materials that emit gases is their use as fire retardants.

Yes, it is intoxicating and exhilarating to inhale a new car smell. But it can also be deadly.

Just as Worship Can Be Dangerous To Your Health ,
Love Can Be Dangerous To Your Health, and Mouth Action Can Be Dangerous To Your Health, so also can your new car be hazardous to your lungs! .

Have a look at this Report On Different Car Toxicity Level

The issue of unknowingly getting  poisoned by gas emissions transcends just (new) cars and their interiors. This applies to many common household items too.

Just observe this general rule. Nothing beats natural ventilation. Sickly sweet smell in any closed environment should be avoided, whenever possible, through ample aeration. Don’t huff.

Truly, Indiscriminate Breathing May Be Hazardous

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The definitive solution is to avoid breathing entirely. Of course.

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