Talking About Pollution, Nobody’s Holy. They Who Pollute, Sinned Against Nature.

Here goes the headline…

Guess Where European Oil Companies Are Dumping High-Sulphur “Africa Quality” Fuel?

Reading this, I felt intense anger.

But Then, The Goat Is Angry, It Is Scratching The Ground With Its Leg In Fury.. What Can It Do To Its Owner?

This reminds one of the the Late President Sanni Abacha’s period of extreme fuel crisis when smelly substandard fuel was imported into the country and caused damages to the engines of numerous vehicles, and engendered respiratory trouble and raucous coughing for a lot of citizens.
In saner countries, this is enough to cause a few rotten egg heads to roll, but this is Nigeria. This was in the mid nineties.

Decades later,things don’t seem to have progressed much better further.

It also reminds one of the Dumping Of Toxic Nuclear Waste in Koko, years earlier.

We have the ongoing interminable flaring of gas in places like Akwa Ibom, with the deadline for a halt to this being shifted again and again, probably due to high politics with commercial interest undertone.

Some of these things that happen are the result of poor regulation, non enforcement of extant laws, or the love for lucre by officials saddled with making environmental policies, or enforcing those policies.

We keep hearing of ozone layer depletion.. the deleterious effect of the use of CFC based items on the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Nigeria seems to be paying lip service to arresting these things aggressively.

Could it be the case of

I Am Hungry,The Soap Seller Is Advertising Her Soap; Would I Not Attend To The Inside Of My Belly Before Bothering About Washing The Outside Of The Belly?

When I read this new report on the dumping of substandard fuel in a place like Nigeria, I asked myself.. what’s the solution? What can the individual do?

You can be Careful About What You Eat, eschew the use of some possibly Carcinogenic Substances through deliberately careful choices, but how do you control where / what you breathe ? Short of relocating to where there is cleaner air, what can you do to ensure you do not keep inhaling harmful air, if the air where you live is heavily polluted?

We don’t want to keep pushing toward the bottom of the list of Countries With The Worst Air Quality (like Korea), do we?

Other countries have been aggressively making serious efforts by outlawing things that damage the environment, prohibiting articles making use of CFC, eliminating carcinogenic substances like asbestos in household products, pushing Electric Vehicles (EV) instead of those based on burning fossil fuel, etc.

See This Huge Investment In Solar Energy by China.

An extract:

–>- Chinese-based Company Has Been Building A Mammoth Solar Farm In The Country’s Ningxia Region. It Is Located On A Barren Parcel Covering 4,607 Hectares, Will Have 6 Million Panels And Be Capable Of Producing 2 Gigawatts Of Power, Making It The Largest In The World— A Single Plant Capable Of Producing More Power Than The Total Solar Power Production For Some Countries Such As Thailand -<–

I would think this is the way to go,in a country still grappling with basic infrastructure that citizens in other countries take for granted, rather than beating our chest about constructing the biggest church auditorium in Africa.

When will Nigeria take the environment more seriously, and be more decisive in protecting it more actively?

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