Heroes are made, fools are born

Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you ….Joel Osteen

Anger is a mocker, irascibility a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is unwise ….Anonymous

The ever present fuel queues have reared their ugly heads again, nationwide, recently. We understand the reason is because government is owing fuel inporters lots and lots of money, the importers can not get further credit facilities from the banks anymore, so, no fuel.

The following narrative is something that’s very common when demand is acutely far more than supply. People would exhibit selfishness when supply is lean, tempers get frayed very easily, and roforofo fight breaks out.

See a man risking his freedom / life over a measly tank of petrol.

Two Mobile policemen (MOPOLs) and I traded punches two days ago because of fuel scarcity

[[…You get mind o.That’s risky dear brother. Maybe you are riskier than a thousand MOPOLs, eh?. Otherwise,…]]

When you want to intimidate and oppress me, I shall become thrice as mad as the oppressors put together. I can tear you apart, not minding who you are. But if I am at fault, I will mellow down and take any insult you haul at me.

I wanted to buy fuel, as a good citizen, I drove across the other side of the lane wanting to join the queue. Never minding how long it was

After joining, one of the mobile Policemen told me to give space so vehicles not buying fuel can have space to pass in between my car and the cars in front of me. I complied.

photo courtesy - roadbloggers.com

photo courtesy – roadbloggers.com

Suddenly one woman just passed in between the space I created and drove straight into the fuel station, jumping the whole queue of vehicles. One of the Mobile Policemen approached her; I didn’t care about what they discussed.

Yes, I admit. She is fine, with lush eyebrows, delectable.

The man behind me yelled out ‘see am, see am, as na woman so him nor fit talk anything’

[[…I bet the woman was just smiling seductively all the while…]]

Like two minutes later, I saw the lady surreptitiously  tipping the MOPOL. My annoyance increased. I restrained myself from not to insulting the MOPOL.

Like twenty five minutes later, another lady in a Range Rover Evoque SUV arrived. The MOPOL blocked her, and was asking her a question. Before you know it, she was allowed to just drive over to the pump,
bypassing all of us who had been queueing for close to two hours.

That was when I came down and shouted that she must join the queue like others.

One of the Mobile Policemen  started saying ‘she is my Oga’s wife, she is my Oga’s wife’.

By then, I was highly annoyed about the injustice that was about to be perpetrated, a second time. I told the mopol that she’s not going to buy the fuel unless she goes and join the queue at the tail end, like every other person.
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After some minutes of intense argument, the woman in the Range Rover suddenly drove off.

That was when one of the  MOPOL stood up and walked straight to me, and promised that he won’t let me buy fuel.. as punishment for my pigheadedness.

Truly, when it got to my turn to buy fuel, the MOPOL said I wouldn’t buy the fuel. Arguments started afresh, it degenerated into fistcuffs, with both parties sustaining injuries.

[[…I doubt there are many people that would have the mind of fighting an ordinary policeman, not to talk of Mobile Policemen, right in the open. It’s very risky as all uniformed people around would gang up on you and maim you o…]]

[…But, sha, it is a very good thing for these folks to know that everybody is not timid. And that they can’t keep oppressing people because they wear khaki.

Realistically, though, even when a dog is mad, it can recognize the havoc fire can do…]]

The MOPOL, with bloodied nose, eventually  blocked the road and they called their men.

[[…Is a tank of fuel worth the risk of getting a flattened nose, or worse, losing an eye for.. in the ensuing pandemonium? An ordinary civilian wouldn’t dare what I did. If they shoot me dead, nothing will happen!…]]
When they were calling, I was calling as well. I called guys from the Sailors set of military, while they called their MOPOL colleagues. Their men arrived two minutes later than mine, which was a lucky thing indeed.I was first of all guarded out by my men.

It took the soldiers passing by to calm the situation.

[[..I thought all MOPOLs move about armed with something, even if it’s just knife? Fighting a man with a gun is unwise. Just thank God that those men weren’t trigger happy. The world is full of injustice, and attempting to right wrongs .. when the odds are heavily stacked against you.. is often a waste of time and fruitless risktaking…]]

I have inserted my thoughts in this narration, and would conclude thus.

It would be wonderful of people in position of power /authority don’t lord things over ordinary mortals.

Being brave is good, but there is foolish bravery, depending on where you operate.

Being in control of your temper is vitally important. You can measure the size of a man by what gets him to lose his cool.

Would you insist on your rights, even in the face of acute danger? For example, would you permit your daughter to be raped to save your life, if you are unlucky enough to be visited by armed robbers? Or, would you fight AK47 with your bare fists and fangs, and say, over my dead body?

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