HERE – Nokia Maps for iOS & Android Coming Soon

Courtesy Engadget

Courtesy Engadget

With the new iOS 6 came the Apple alternative to Google Maps App that has been used in all previous iphones. What made Apple take the decision to replace a highly successful app is beyond me but they did and their poor replacement map app is there for all  to  see. A big disappointment.

Luckily, Nokia just announce a new map app headed for the play store and Apple store. It is called HERE. The time we we spect it to be in the stores is not announced yet but from all indications, it will be in the two stores very soon. Knowing the legendary Nokia Maps and its success, we expect nothing less from the same company. It will have the well acclaimed turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance for walk, or drive. And the beauty of it all is that it will be available for use Offline.




For iOS users, this will be a healing balm after rather poor performance of the apple map implemented in iOS 6. I expect a massive download when it comes to apple store. But for Play Store, we might see a different pattern as the google map already embedded in androids is not so bad. But for me, no matter the platform, I will opt for HERE, the Nokia Map. I have used it extensively on nokia


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