Nigeria needs to urgently address the issue of regular electricity, which is needed to drive any serious economy. Without this, the manufacture and even the sale of goods and services in a competitive global world would remain a pipe dream.

We have the numbers. The human resources. The natural resources. Clement weather

To take advantage of this population, constant, adequate and reliable electricity must take priority over and above all our national peregrination.

Our preoccupation with generating foreign exchange will amount to nought if we have not revived the local economy, paying adequate and livable wages to workers. Those are the people who will carry out the production of goods / services penciled for exportation.

Reviving the local economy would entail:

-Providing workers with salubrious work environment and conditions (timely and adequate salaries).

-Enforceable HR laws to stop bad employers from exploring / victimizing employees.

-Provision of affordable food and shelter so the workers can live a decent life and have a good enough quality of life to carry out their job-functions effectively.

-Regular (re)training together with relevant tools / equipment, so that employees can dispense their duties by producing high quality goods and services consistently.

-Assure security of life, so that workers don’t get robbed, murdered or assaulted on their way to and from work. This is especially important in an urban city like Lagos where many workers need to leave their homes very early and return late (to beat insane traffic). Female employees should not have to worry about being raped, kidnapped or robbed, particularly when working late hours (broadcaster and medical services personnels come to mind).

Africa has lagged behind badly in putting these systems in place leading to the rest of the world-economy badly outpacing us.

The Asian Tiger countries didn’t get to where they are without expending major effort in instituting systems, FIRST.

Nigerian workers are not going to starve, living on air and be expected to be able to successfully furnish world-class services and products for the local and global market. We have to do things​ in the right sequence – walking properly before learning to run.

The brave ones who try to make waves in the Nigerian economy despite all the inadequacies are being suffocated by our lack of infrastructure, and the under-developed economy, which is why our currency has little to low (no) value.

Like earlier mentioned – with our teeming population – we need a drastic improvement in the electrical power available to citizens, to compete properly in the global market. This is not something that can be wished away. The earlier we start getting serious, the better.

The world being a global village, the result of the harsh Nigeria political l, social and economic environment is that there is serious ongoing emigration (“brain drain”) of numerous skilled professionals.

Until these professionals can be replaced by others of commensurate skills and work experience, or Nigeria can afford to pay them salaries that will be attractive enough to make many come back, the economy may continue to be comatose..

Returning to the issue of the security.of citizens, we can easily.list some things that have been jeopardizing this:

-Boko Haram extensive bonbons, kidnapping and decimation of communities, predominantly in the North Eastern part, leading to loss of life, and displacement of people, resulting in a major disruption to the food chain (agriculture) and culminating in the refugee crisis.

-Rampaging Fulani cattle herders all over country

-Igbo restiveness championed by MASSOB / IPOB coupled with MEND and Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) with their wanton destruction of national assets (oil pipelines).

The rich also cry.

As a result.of the multiple security issues, the rich (collectively) -can no longer feel safe in their gated estates and fortified mansions, (guarded by private security, and often security personnel paid for by taxpayers’ money) and nonchalantly run Nigeria without worry.

The insulation / imperviousness to the disorder in society has begun to wear thin – affecting them like they continually affect the less materially endowed.

Some rich people may feel unconcerned but Nigeria can never be a comfortable place to dwell in until and unless some of these problems are frontally confronted and conquered.

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