So, the online world is set ablaze by a controversial internal memo by a Google software programmer who feels that Women Don’t Advance In Tech Because Of Biology.

Here Is The Document To Sift Through

The sex discrimination tempest at Über is still raging.

This was a memo criticizing Google’s diversity initiatives of making – less lopsided – the male/female employment ratio in the company.

The employer has been fired by Google for this meno.

Firing this guy doesn’t change his opinion. Google has always encouraged a culture of freedom of expression of ideas / opinion. It would then mean there is freedom of speech only to a certain level.

I would say, firing this guy is extreme. This was just an opinion. How can an opinion be terned divisive? Opinion is like Long John. Every man has one. Hold yours, I hold mine!. I hold it, express it, if you don’t believe it, you don’t. After all they are adults, with opinions of their own.

Incidentally, many employees there agree with the one who wrote the memo, so this is all about opinion which is like pebble on a beach.

Should you crucify a guy for holding an opinion, and expressing that opinion in a work culture of freedom on almost everything? How about a reprimand?

Was this guy fired for holding an opinion, or for expressing it? Does not expressing an opinion mean you do not hold that opinion? No!

I once wrote the Engendering The Gender Agenda where I discussed the militant attitude of some women in thinking that men and women should be equal in their dealings, forgetting that there is no question of equality once there is a difference in two things. Is a goat equal to a monkey? The unending female / male gender war is often pointless. Can you say that an apple and an orange should be equal?. They are two different fruits, each with their different qualities. One is not superior to the other, and that means they are not and cannot be equal.

Men are different from women. Biologically, emotionally, etc. Fact of life.

The employee at Google’s headquarters in California goes on to say that women are generally more interested in “people rather than things”.

I doubt that anybody would dispute this..

There is a reason men or women do better at certain tasks than the other. Often, this is simply about the different emotional psychological or physical makeup.

As someone who taught programming for some years, I can say without fear of contradiction that males are better equipped for the rigors of tech than women. There are exceptions, but this is generally the case. The reason for this may (/not) be important, but the facts on the ground point to it.

When you see a woman Professor, you look at her in awe, because this is simply uncommon (compared ti the men). You see a man in a more traditional female role, and you are surprised. Go to the core tech departments of an educational Institution of learning and compare the mae / female ratio. Look at the major tech companies, and you can count on the finger of one hand the number of female leaders in those tech companies.

I guess some of these controversies are better left alone in certain situations unless you are truly prepared for the possible backlash, like this one who lost his job. Besides, people have hardline opinions on some topics, so discussing it is often a cerebral exercise (in futility?).

Apparently, I was mistaken when I said, He Who Speaks More Goes Far

Not at Google, anyways…

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