Google keyboard – (renamed to gBoard – Google Keyboard) the popular keyboard by Google with more downloads than any other known Android keyboard (500,000,000+), has always had a poor rating on Android (Google Play Store).

Among all well known Android keyboards like Kii Keyboard, Swiftkey Keyboard, Swype Keyboard, Chrooma Keyboard and TouchPal Keyboard, it is the lowest rated at 4.1 on the Google Play Store.

Being that it is very very capable despite being spartan (lacking features), the main reason for this very low rating is the Inability To Predict In All Text Fields (notably browser URL ) search boxes) – when you tap rather than swipe.

There are even text editors like Webmasters HTML Editor where the inability to predict text makes the keyboard practically unusable (when tapping rather than swiping).

Users have been clamouring for Google to remove this artificially imposed restriction (all well known competing Keyboard applications “predict everywhere” except in password boxes) with Google remaining adamant.

Until now.

But Note. This Is A Half-Hearted Attempt. The Predict Everywhere Only Works In Browser Url Text Boxes!

Hopefully, Google would implement this completely soon.

Hitherto, the alternative was to ROOT your phone, install the “Always Correct” eXposed Module of the eXposed FrameWork to get that functionality working.

Not anymore.

Now, there is news.

I updated my version of gBoard – Google Keyboard to Version, and voila, Google Keyboard was predicting everywhere!

Surprisingly, this new important feature was not mentioned on the updated feature list.The adoption of this feature is enough to make the rating of this keyboard application jump up significantly.

If you are not on the Beta Programme please sign on, so you can download this version and enjoy this significant improvement, among others.

Otherwise, wait for this to be implemented in the regular version any time soon.

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