Google Event Again – 24th October 2013

The Search Engine and Android giant Google have once again come up with an invitation to a Google Event. This time, it will be in the next four day – on 24th October 2013 to be precise. This makes the event exactly 3 months from the last one held on 24th July 2013 during which Google announced the Android 4.3 OS as well as the Nexus 7 and the budget priced Chromecast.

What shall it be this time? One thing is sure. It will have to do with improvement in the Play Store and its music, movie, and games offerings. This much is clear from the invitation shown below:

With this announcement, we naturally will not be expecting the Nexus 5 device to show up, and the same goes for the KitKat OS.

So what exactly are we expecting from Google Play? Cloud Music streaming? Improved games graphics the like of those on iOS? What changes/improvements are we going to see?

Anyone willing to hazard a guess? Feel free to do so in our comment box below.

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