Someone said,

One day you will find out that all you need is peace of mind – and you will give up anything to have and keep it

Give up everything… like WHAT?

The cynic replies..

Give me serious MONEY first, then I will buy enough, including, but not limited to, peace of mind. with it. Who was this romantic who made the above statement, sef?

Pray tell how you would have that peace of mind without good money. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Money, and you can buy peace of mind, among other numerous things.

This short conversation brings to the fore what constitutes peace of mind. The same way you have other nebulous /subjective concepts like love and loyalty, etc, defining what constitutes peace of mind (acceptable to everybody) may prove a bit difficult.

You may tentatively however define peace of mind as a state of insouciance, or lack of significant worries about major things.

For me, money answers most things. While it is commonplace to say that your happiness / peace of mind should not depend on external factors (like money),and your attitude to events is said to be more important than those events themselves, I think those are only true to a very narrow extent .


Tell me, if you have life threatening illness (like kidney failure) that needs some good money to frontally address (among other things), how would you be able to stand aloof from these external factors (unless you have a death wish, and don’t value your own life)?.

In marriage, it is said that money is the oil that keeps the wheels of marital bliss rolling. Can you have peace of mind when there is always rancour as a result of perpetual paucity of funds.? While it is true that celebrity marriages pack up even more rapidly than for ordinary Joes, the fact remains that, all other factors held equal, you have a more blissfull marriage in an ambience of abundant resources.

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Peace of mind can be achieved through many means. Your attitude to issues is important, yes. But, in this physical work of physical realities, you cannot have physical insufficiency and still have peace of mind. No. You need money to even stay alive (peace of mind in the grave?), and you start spending money (directly /indirectly) the moment you wake up.

Most things can be solved with money. Whatever cannot be solved with money (directly /indirectly) in this physical world lacks a solution. Even spiritual solutions need money to prosecute / execute.

I think whoever says that all you need is peace of mind is romanticizing. All that you need is good solid money, and then you can procure all those things that bring peace of mine (love and good health inclusive).

Is there really something , apart from life, that money cannot buy or facilitate?

Your views…


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