Give a Cat a Long Tail – To Hang it With


The unending hurdles thrown in the path of the de facto (only serious) opposition candidate to President Goodluck Jonathan in the coming election in Nigeria, reminds one of an old fable.


General Buhari, the main contender, has so far survived (?) many legal, political and social hurdles and impediments thrown at him, and in his path, by the ruling party and its attack dogs (spokesmen).


Some have bordered on the ludicrous, others on the illogical, some on the hilarious, and yet others on the puerile.


There was the School Leaving Certificate saga, how he is going to Islamize Nigeria, how he is the brain behind the Boko Haram, and lately, how he is a paedophile who married a ten year old, years ago.


With only few days to the Presidential election, we cannot rule out the possibility of more tricks being pulled out of the Doodads bag.


Some of these allegations would have been so hilarious, if not that even intellectuals who should have developed their critical reasoning faculties also get swept along in the tidal wave of these allegations (as relates to their importance).


Yes, you can always give a dog a bad name in order to hang it, or if you are a lover of dog meat, to eat it.




//There is the story of a wolf who, drinking from a slow running river, spotted a lamb drinking from a shallower portion of the river.


Naturally, the wolf wanted the lamb as a meal, and needed a reason to himself to justify eating that lamb. Yes, a wolf, even the human type, has a prick of the conscience.


(Like the Buhari situation of bringing up all sorts of frivolous reasons why he should not be allowed to contest, or should not be voted for), the Wolf went on the offensive. ‘how dare you, tiny one, muddle up the water from which I am drinking? ‘


Of course that was a false allegation, since the water from where the wolf was drinking actually runs down to where the poor thirsty (and tasty!) lamb was drinking.


The lamb humbly pointed this fact out to the hungry single-minded wolfish wolf.


The wolf then said to the lamb, ‘well, you called me bad names last year. You must be punished for it’


The lamb being only four months old, pointed out that he was not even born yet, as at that mentioned time, so he couldn’t have called his Lord, the Wolf, bad names! Who was he to do that!


With laser point determination to find one excuse or the other to nail the hapless lamb, he said, ‘ if it was not you that called me bad names last year, then it must be your uncle or father’.


Having fulfilled all (un)righteousness to itself, the wolf pounced on the baby lamb and made a sumptuous meal out of it.//


The moral of the the story?


You can always give a lamb a bad name, so as to devour it, and any excuse will serve a tyrant.


This is why, when we hear boy ran allegation, we should try to verify before taking position.


After all, reasons can always be found to accuse an ant of stealing an oak tree so as to jail it.





The Wolf and the Lamb story culled from Aesop’s Fables makes an interesting reading no doubt but we are not partisan or political and the post does not reflect the belief of this site but that of the author only.

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