I have just read the post, Smartphone Era Leads To More Depressed Teens And Suicides

Despite that we keep hearing of the dangers of excessive use of the smart-phone, itis hard to imagine living without our smart-phone. Personally, I would feel like a man without eyes if deprived of access to my smart-phone for even a few hours. This is not just about possible addiction, but about the efficiency its use brings to one’s life.

Yes; We depend completely on this technological marvel.

But, are we alive to the deleterious effects these toys could have on our health? We must have all been inundated with the likelihood.


Starring at the tiny screen of a smart-phone cannot be good for the eyesight. You could make use of applications that can convert text to speech, to relieve your eyeballs of some strain, while using the phone @VOICE ALOUD
is an example of such an application on Android Google Play Store).


Our sleep would be negatively impacted by the use of the television, mobile phones, tablets -close to bedtime.

According to a study published by Nature, the LED light present on mobile devices often disrupt the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.


Between ‘Whatsapp’ing, calls, SMS, browsing, emails and more, the smartphone has become indispensable to us, doing most of the things the laptop used to do. The smart-phone is always with us.
After the appearance of the tendonitis of the “mouse”, following the excessive use of the computer mouse, we now have the smart-phone variant.

Tendinitis is a disease that occurs when there is inflammation of the tendon, in this case it is the tendon of the thumb. Yeah, repetitive stress on the thumb from the interminable swipes / taps on our smart-phone!

Yes, raw tendon is in the thumb of the phone user!

This could be mitigated by reducing tapping or swiping on the phone (make use of speech-to-text facility of your keyboard app for example).


The ubiquity of smart-phone addiction is very well acknowledged. it has been found that the temporary denial of access to laptop / smart-phone has caused a real feeling of deprivation in some people. A newspaper study showed that switching off the smartphone for 24 hours could cause tingling, anxiety, a feeling of isolation, a real lack. Some respondents compared this feeling to the withdrawal symptoms similar to a cocaine addict being denied his fix!


Smart-phones bring together everything we need and want in one device. You can carry along your music playlist wherever you go and this would he a good thing. However, regularly raising the sound volume too high may eventually damage the hair cells of the inner ear. Result? Hearing loss!

There is the case of a man who had his earphone plugged to his ears, listening to something on his phone. He was crossing the Railway Line at the Computer Village, Ikeja. He didn’t know a train was approaching! Today, one of his legs has been amputated. Fortunately, he didn’t get totally crushed by the train!


Nothing has yet been confirmed.
Nevertheless, the World Health Organization still warns of a real possibility! The smart-phone radiations are said to be “potentially carcinogenic to humans”. Better safe than be sorry, I would say!

Radio-waves have different consequences and biological effects for humans and animals. This is a possible increase in risk of brain tumor in “intensive” users of the smart-phones. Minimize smart-phone use, as much as feasible.

Personally, I would rather send a message than make a voice call.


Equally true with TV remote controls, the smart-phone is actually a mobile contaminant,
worse than a cockroach in that pit latrine!. A study conducted in 2013 by the Wall Street Journal reveals the presence of many bacteria such as “coliforms”, which would indicate fecal contamination.


It must be noted that the mobile phone hurts us. Literally. Not only does the excessive use of the smartphone cause tendinitis of the thumb, but smart-phones are literally a pain in the neck too.

According to CNN, when one leans his head forward regularly (call this the Ostrich Pose ), the position that one adopts to dash off that WhatsApp message, one imposes an additional strain on the spine. The resort is a pain in the neck.


Believing that his phone is ringing / vibrating while not so could be an indication of excessive phone! The magazineComputer in Human Behavior proved this, and it shows that nine out of ten students would be “affected” by these phantom ringing / vibrations.

Too much of anything is bad. Put that phone down, and get a life!

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