Gaining Unmerited Favour- The Cashless Way!

Cash is power, sex is leverage, and whoever deploys either inappropriately is not wise – AnonyMouse

So we are having cases of the “weaponization sex”  in our academic institutions…both by the lecturers and the lectured. But then, is this phenomenon only restricted to citadels of Intellectualism??

This is an appraisal, with some excellent suggestions by some  folks, which should deterministically tackle this issue…


Since this is a human made problem, it is a matter of identifying the bad elements and taking them out. There is a two pronged approach, namely preventive and correctional. The PREVENTIVE Steps would entail :  Doing a  comprehensive background check on lecturers to identify known sexual predators  and prevent them from getting into the system. – Ensure only qualified, serious students gain admission into institutions by eliminating admission fraud. That would weed out those that would deploy sex to tempt lecturers, instead not faxing their studies. – Inculcate ethics education into the induction process for students – conduct regular ethics training for the academic staff Suggested CORRECTIVE actions would include:  – Encourage and facilitate whistleblowing – Arbitrarily and sporadically perform random peer review checks on student exam papers to detect wrong scoring for investigation. – ensure the deployment of speedy judgement and punitive actions go deter those with the wrong ideas.

Another person proffered this clinical solution.

Examination Papers are to have Examination Number and Matriculation Number / Student Number. Each examination script is affixed with  one of this for identification. Only the Examination and Records Office matches the Student Number with the Examination Number.  By doing this, the one marking a script doesn’t even know the owner of the script, so there is total IMpersonality.

Brilliant, if you ask me!

And finally, someone expands the scope of the discussion with the following submission,

The ‘Sexually Transmitted Grade’ saga is symptomatic of the moral decadence of the larger society. Merely attempting to address the ones manifested in the academic circles is tokenist, and isn’t broad-based enough, in my assessment. The sexual harassment is two-way, and is very prevalent anywhere you go. Flaunting sex.. to induce or demanding… to bestow ..are two sides of the same coin Sex (/cash) is used to get unmerited employment, unmerited positions in offices, get movie roles, get promotions, used by bank marketers to get deposits, by people to secure contracts, etc, etc. Since we all have the SARS tendency of using our (bottom- / cssh-) power to use what we have to get what we want, the root course is mostly about the mindset. Like someone asked, who would Police the Police? The harassment even goes to the level of the topmost management of some of these higher institutions. My question.. how much different is some Oga in a government parastatal demanding ₦850K to  secure an employment for you, compared to the randy lecturer who demands ponmo (apologies, Eedris AbdulKareem) to upgrade academic grade -without merit?? This thing transcends sex…. it is just about general corruption. And it is still part of the crying need to tackle corruption of different forms (even cerebral dishonesties)… at all levels. before we make a headway

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