So, I ran across a writing online that I felt would be beneficial to many people – myself included!

It is about Why Some People May Never Become Rich.

Here are a few golden nuggets rewritten a bit for more poignancy .:

-The majority of humans love fast food, fast cars, fast money. They want things faster than now, and quicker than quick.

They are on the constant look-out for schemes that would catapult them to a higher financial orbit . They hunt for financial secrets, secrets that are out there in the open – smart / hard work, coupled with persistence.

– Most prefer to remain in their familiar comfort-zones. They are reluctant to take uncomfortable steps.

Would you be willing to organize scores of meeting with potential customers, taking a cascade of rejections in your stride, learning from those rejections, improving your pitch, and moving on to the next prospect, without a loss of enthusiasm?

Success Is Moving From Failure To Failure Without A Loss Of Enthusiasm.

– Robert Kiyosaki the famous financial authors says that one of the secrets to wealth is to be able to sell four small hotels, and use the proceeds to buy one big one. Do not be attached to physical assets / possessions. Look on them as investment vehicles.

You shouldn’t be lacking funds to expand your business while you cruise that super expensive car around town in that exotic “wonder on wheels”!.

Most people would hesitate to sell a car or house to take a business idea off the ground, or to the next level .

– Many do not know how to ‘sit for ideas, and come up sound business propositions . Making money is really mostly about ideas.

– Most people focus on the wrong things, or do not focus deep enough They are peripheral rather than profound observers… surfers instead of divers – that delve deep into issues.

Divers embrace lifelong learning, take steps predicated on quality analytics, using facts as a fulcrum for decision making, and not opinions

Like a friend likes to say, “Be Sure, Don’t Assume”

– Most people follow the wrong people, focus on the wrong things.

Quality entrepreneurs talk about qualitative topics like Wealth Ratio, Balance Sheets, Return On Investments, Etc. .

Conversely, most prefer to follow celebrities, the size of something derrieres, keeping tabs on what they do as a result of their money, not how to make the money itself. They marvel at the cost of their cars, appurtenances and adornment, their fancy mansions, and the glamour of the showbiz.

Critical Thinking is needed to take the right investment decisions. Gullibility – being too quick to believe what you are told / shown – is the enemy of that. Learn to distinguish facts from opinions. reality from hearsay. Conduct your own research.

– Amass as much knowledge as possible – on a broad scale – on ongoing bases – while also accumulating specific deep knowledge in areas you want to play in.

It is said that those who DO NOT read are not very different from those who CANNOT read. Now, we are NOT talking about spending your time on gossip blogs. We are talking educational stuff that would advance you in your quest to be useful to yourself and society. Read the right stuff

Imagine Elon Musk reading a gossip magazine. Now, imagine again. , and wake up from that reverie.

A multitude do not continually update their knowledge. Information and knowledge have a shelf life. The wisdom of the ages is the foolishness of today and tomorrow. Keep learning relevant stuff.

– Try to rise above being a prisoner of circumstances.. (like where you were born {country}, your family background, religious beliefs, etc).

Curiosity Doesn’t Kill A Cat.. it just makes it wiser. Be curious. Be a more rounded person. Learn about human nature. Explore life. Try new stuff (except for the immoral!!)

If you don’t know something, ask, research. Keep on being a better you. That would help you immensely in piling up cash after cash, and those who want to part you from the cash…

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