Friendship And Politics Don’t Mix?

Faith and fear don’t mix. Water and oil do not mix. There are many things that do not mix.

It is the era of politics, with people aligning to the left and others to the right, while yet some others sit on the political fence.

Like with religion, emotions often run wild when the issue of politics is discussed , with bridges of friendship often damaged or totally destroyed in the heat of argument predicated on which side of the political divide deserves our support.

So, there is this ‘opinionated’ opinion leader – an ATIKUlant – who loves to post thought_evoking topics on his timeline. Where trouble rears its head is where two very opinionated and strong-willed individuals forcefully push their views, and nerves get frayed. And friendship gets strained.

Here we go… A heated conversation between two friends on different sides of the political divide. The BUHARist having strong views about the need for us to stamp out corruption, as a country. The other thinking he is always right, trying to gag dissenting opinion, the other having never been one to succumb to bullying, right from school days. .


I just deleted your “mockery post” which came under my “give a man a fish…” post.

Please keep stupidity off my timeline.


Politics should not be a reason to blow gaskets.. burn bridges.

Note that there are different brands of stupidity.. like perpetually antagonizing the few people that can tell you some home truths… your well known intolerance for dissenting views

Aristotle said, It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

Somebody else said,

I have stopped discussing politics.

There are some friendships I lost during 2015 elections, all because of my support for APC.. it took the grace of God to re-establish some of them.

This makes sense to me.

The conversation continues,

My views are my views. I happen to have very strong views on things, politics, religion, etc. That’s me.

You tend to have very strong opposition to strong dissenting views. That’s you.

I don’t think political matters should drive a wedge between friends. That is the true stupidity.

I will henceforth stop posting on your wall, if that would make you happy .


You are the one burning bridges. Please comply to my rules when engaging with me.

An intellectually dishonest man has no truth to tell anyone. You need to come to terms with that home truth first and ask yourself what exactly do you seek to achieve when you turn issues on their head or even go to the extent of attacking people personally..

If you value relationships, you would respect those relationships.

In legal circles, we call this a Red Herring. We are discussing intolerance for dissenting views, and this one goes tangential!


Respecting relationship is you gagging me?

Regulating what I can say, or cannot, when I didn’t attack you personally ?


What does it take away from you if I say Atiku is a thief, on your Facebook timeline, and you disagree.?

Why must you delete that post, because you disagree?

You truly think that makes sense.?


You can twist it all you want.

If asking you not to make unsubstantiated accusations or turn discussions on issues into personality attacks is tantamount to gagging or regulating, then so be it.


Do you truly think, if a man disagrees with your opinion, he is undermining you?

You then blow an artery because you believe a dissenting opinion is a personal attack? I think we need to mature beyond this!

Like I said, you are you. I am you.

No point dissipating energy fruitlessly

But, I want you to think.. you are a thinker, even if a one-dimensional one .


A man has the right to hold opinions, even stupid ones. His right.

Aristotle said.. It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

Do not gag.

That’s intolerance and abuse, also called bullying. You are able to do this just because it is your wall. On a neutral ground, what would you do??


I deleted your comment because, over and over again, I have asked you to substantiate your accusation without you doing so. It is then stupidity to continue to say this repeatedly simply because you have nothing to engage on an issue.

If you don’t have anything meaningful to contribute to a discussion, you can keep mute. But to come and be making wild unsubstantiated public accusations without evidence and after several warning is just saying “I am above rules and will do anything I want”. Well…that’s what got Nigeria to where it is: anyhowness.

I won’t join any ground where stupidity is the rule of engagement. I left many groups because of this. It’s that simple.

We aren’t kids. We need to know what is right and what is not. Anyone can come up tomorrow and rubbish people’s hard earned reputation and trivialize the gains of hard work as product of looting.

I am not saying Atiku may not have benefited from or abused his office. I don’t have any facts to say that. But I also don’t have any evidence to condemn him as corrupt. He is enterprising – that’s proven by his identification of opportunities in key sectors and pursuing of such opportunities: Intels Logistics, Habib Bank, American University of Yola, Agriculture, water bottling, etc.

He had many of this before becoming VP in 1999. He has been out of government since 2007 and given the number of people that didn’t like him, he ought to have been nailed by now.

No one has pressed any charges against him till date. It’s only when he seeks election that he is labelled corrupt.


I think your submission is tepid.

On this your same Facebook wall, you have, in the past, strongly criticized Former President Obasanjo.You have actually called him a thief. On this your same wall.

So, someone implies through his comments that his Vice is a thief, you pick up cudgels because it doesn’t align with your aim of enthroning him.

You then gag by deleting, attempting to intimidate, and personally abusing by labeling his post stupid. .

That is called, inconsistency.

I said it once. I say it again.

It is shocking a man held so high on the ladder of honesty – like you – would be campaigning actively for an Atiku.

If I didn’t (think I) know you well enough, I would say you have the promise of a apolitical appointment somewhere. 😀

You can say he is the better of two evils, and reluctantly vote for him. But not going to town with trumpets propagating bullshit about his achievements and sainthood. I don’t understand that

My opinion is my opinion. I can express it. Just like you have yours that you express.

Opinions being expressed by others on your wall do not add or subtract anything from you. It should stimulate fact_based discussions, not deletions and acrimony.

This is what you are blind to.

The long piece above about Atiku – above – irrelevant to me.

Enjoy your wall o.


Wild accusations are not opinions. They are wild accusations and you have the responsibility to provide evidence.

Rights and responsibilities go hand in hand.

I’m campaigning for Atiku because he is better than Buhari. Just as I campaigned for Buhari because I believed he is better than Goodluck Jonathan.

When it comes to pecuniary interest: just know that I am not you. You are you and I am me. 😁

I believe in working hard and using my talent to create value. That’s fundamental.

If I wanted to join government, I would have done that since 2010. If I wanted an appointment in this administration, I would have gotten one.

The real question is: why are you risking all, including personal relationships, for Buhari? How much do they pay you that’s worth it?

See me see wàhálà!


Ok, forget politics.

You say, I am risking personal relationship because I have a different political position ?

You really are one-dimensional in thinking, my friend. Inability to examine things from different areas. Thjs has its benefits, but I think there are places tunnel-vision just doesn’t cut it

You still don’t get it.

Whether my opinion is a wild accusation, correct or incorrect is not the issue.

The issue is, allow people to air their stupidity without hindrance, while you hold on to your infallible wisdom without recriminations . It is a free world.

When you gag, that’s intolerance, bullying .

It is that simple. Every other thing is tutenchi.


You are the one that’s one-dimensional. You think you are always right and when you’re not right, then there is no right or wrong.

There is a place for stupidity and that’s certainly not my timeline.

You can dedicate your timeline to that. I won’t come to your timeline to ask you to shut it down. That’s respect for the individual.

Now, this is truly the case of a pot calling the kettle black. Or, whatever!


You said, I think I am always right. Coming from you, that’s simply ridiculous.. Take a look in this mirror!

Why not use a wall in a room in your house and have a monologue with yourself if you wouldn’t entertain different views that you seriously disagree with?

If you open a wall publicly for people to comment on, you would surely have opinions placed there that you would disagree with and even find unpalatable.

That’s no reason to obliterate the ones you dislike and ululate over those that support your views.

That’s immaturity, my friend


For me, the takeaway learning experience is that, with some people discussing emotionally charged topics, like religion and politics, would simply cause rancor. Think whether that is worthwhile.

Better maintain your friendship (if it is
important enough) rather than burn bridges on account of politics and such.

Didn’t I say you should paddle your own religious canoe some time ago?

I need to learn to do that myself – paddle my political canoe.

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