Facebook Android Event 4th April 2013

An April fools day trick? Well, maybe not. We just got information of an Android event being organized by Facebook and slated for 4th April 2013, that’s in two days time.

Above is what we got. So, speculations…..

Are we seeing a new improved Facebook Android App? Remember that we had a launch of such sometime back and mentioned here on our site

Are we going to see a revolutionary product? Remember Facebook has been “forcing” its employees to adopt android smartphones for sometime now. Are they testing out a new product?

Let’s not forget the possibility of a Facebook Phone. When recently Mark Zuckerberg was asked about the Facebook phone, he expressed his willingness for the same and also added that Facebook wanted to deeply integrate into the systems which people use. We are expecting a phone made by HTC with facebook deeply integrated into the Android OS. Lets hope we wouldn’t have to wait in expectations for too long.











So come Thursday 4th April 2013 at 10 am, we expect to get something exciting from Facebook. But we are in the early days of the month of April so anything can happen.

Keep your mobiles expectations fingers crossed folks.

We shall keep you posted with updates.



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