So, I was going through my Twitter feeds this morning, and once again came across @AmbodeObsarver ‘s post:

@AmbodeObsarver : #HelloSir @AkinwunmiAmbode Sir, Morin o. It appyas we are now havin expatriate cundoctors sir. pic.twitter.com/64ozLwQnkP

@AmbodeObsarver is a character on Twitter that is popular (or, notorious, depending on the length of your whiskers) for his online attempt at comedy. His posts are usually rebroadcast by Gidi_Traffic, and this is how I came across @AmbodeObsarver .

While his posts are often quite funny, the gripe I have with these posts is the deliberate misspelling of words to give pungency to his humor. The question is, must you misspell words grotesquely for you to be impactful? Is is impossible to point out societal ills without a descent into depraved spelling?

Each time I come across @AmbodeObsarver‘s post, I remember the old actor of the Eighties, Chief Zebrudaya Okorogwe Nwogbo (Alias Four Thirty) of The New Masquerade fame. His pastime and claim to fame then was also the deliberate breaking of grammar rules of English.

Like this Chief Zebrudaya Okorogwe Nwogbo whose drama series aired at a time when children would still be awake (about 7 pm), with the likelihood of corrupting children’s (and adult’s) grasp of grammar, @AmbodeObsarver‘s Tweets are also capable of negatively affecting the spelling skills of those who follow gidi_traffic (and, [in]directly, @AmbodeObsarver).

Someone could easily say, unfollow or block tweets from @AmbodeObsarver if you find them obnoxious. That’s fine. But the problem is, even for those who have no objection to the deliberate misspelling of conductor as cUndOctor, there is this danger that their grasp of spelling may degrade. See a word spelled consistently wrongly often enough, and you could start spelling it like that, believing it is correct.


There is little doubt that the person behind @AmbodeObsarver is highly educated. It shows in the tweets. But I would think that, while the quest to point out society’s ills through dramatically using outlandish spellings would get you noticed quickly, it simultaneously creates a society of people that could inadvertently be losing its spelling skills progressively.

Like the concern expressed in Please Identify Yourself!!!, what you do repeatedly tends to stay with you. Reading wrongly spelled words as exemplified in @AmbodeObsarver ‘s tweet can eventually get you to spell appears as appyas and morning as morin.

You think this is impossible? Remember that humans learn by repetition and it’s never ever wise to ever say never.

You only need to visit a website like www.nairaland.com or a site like lindaikeji.blogspot.com to OBSARVE the non_spelling skills of commenters. Did you OBSERVE the OBSARVE spelling up there? That’s @AmbodeObsarver’s trademark wrong spelling.

Guard your eyes with all diligence!


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