Everybody Is A Winner

It is confusing to zero in on what constitutes the truth. Or,  What is absolute falsehood.

Everybody has an opinion,  wrong or right.  It is the cheapest commodity.  The problem is,  most people would hold on to an opinion as if their life depends on it.  Applying the superior logic of Plato may win you the battle,  but still lose you the war!

How do we determine what is right from what is wrong,  in little matters and very big ones?

How do we sift through ambiguities,  falsehood,  misinformation,  obfuscation,  lies and damn lies?

Take religion.

Everybody believes that his own religion (if he has one),  is the way home. An intellectual discourse on why one religion  may be based on falsehood and the other is more credible would usually lead to arguments,  rancor,  fisticuffs,  and even murder!

Take sports.

Every football lover would analyze why Manchester United may the best club,  while the other fan(atic)  would passionately explain why his own club,  Tottenham HotSpurs,  should bear that accolade.

Take politics,  Nigerian politics.

Every one with some political zeal or awareness would tell you why his best candidate is the best for Nigeria.  They could use sentiment, subtle blackmail,  logic,  misinformation or obfuscation to persuade you of the superiority of their position.
A wise man said that,  Nothing is right and nothing is wrong,  but that thinking makes it so.

We generally only see what we want to see,  and agree with what already correlates with our own internal thoughts

With our  perception being our reality, coupled with the saying that ‘a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still’,  it may actually be wise to stay clear of contentious matters of religion,  politics,  ethnic bias and other things that could elevate blood temperature and create interpersonal friction.

Unless you are a professional Preacher,  social crusader,  or politician,  changing the minds of people on issues where people usually have hard-line position could be a waste of mental and material energy.

Thus is why,  I would almost always avoid debates with people I want a harmonious relationship with.  There are exceptions,  depending on the individual in question,  but a general rule of thumb is to abide,  and be guided, by that Yoruba Adage that says,  ‘arguments spoil friendship’

A wise saying, is,  ‘agree with your adversary quickly’ . If there is nothing to lose by conceding an argument (even when you believe you have a superior position ), go ahead and concede.

That kills the argument immediately,  and should generally engender a more tranquil relationship with others.

Yes.  everything is about perception And everybody is right.

And everybody who sets out to show the OTHER man the error of his position is already a LOSER.

2 comments for “Everybody Is A Winner

  1. March 11, 2015 at 6:49 pm

    “Yes. everything is about perception And everybody is right.”

    The statement above from the post sums up all that is written and it is an immutable statement. An eternal statement that can stand the test of time and seasons. Words of wisdom indeed.

  2. Tony
    March 11, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    I do not agree with your wise man about EVERYTHING IS RIGHT AND EVERYTHING IS WRONG.
    There are basic rights and wrongs that does not need clarification.

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