Enters the Nexus 7 – Google joins the Tablet War

The Nexus 7. That’s the name folks. Google brings the Nexus series to the next level – the tablet level. Nexus 7, made by Asus is the very first google table and comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean right from the box. It was announced today during the keynote address at Google I/O. Below is the picture of Hugo Barra, Director of Google Product Management holding up the new google 7 inch tablet (Photo: Courtesy of Associated Press).

The new tablet from Google has the lowest price tag for a full fledge Android Tables at just $199. Yes, same price with the Amazon’s Kindle but unlike the Kindle, it is a complete android and comes with the very latest android OS 4.1. To us, it’s the cheapest android ever.

Now let’s look at the specifications

– 7inch display
– Scratch Resistant Corning Glass
– HD Resolution Display 1280 X 800
– IPS Display Technology
– Quad-Core NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip clocked in at 1.3GHz.
– A 12-core GeForce GPU for graphics
– 1Gb RAM
– Front Facing Camera with 1.2 MP only (no rear camera here)
– Wi-fi
– Bluetooth

With the embedded NFC chips, you will be able to use services like Google Wallet and Android Beam on this tablet. The 12- core GeForce GPU means smooth flawless video and games while the IPS display ensures crisp edge to edge sharpness and display that really grasp you by the eyeball.

Google believes you should be able to do video calling on their tablet so included the front facing 1.2 mega pixel shooter. Sorry, no rear facing cam here. This may not go down well with some folks, but that’s how google makes it. Another thing that might not go down well with some of us especially in developing countries is the absence of a 3G connectivity. While this is a cost saving measure for users, we in the developing countries hardly ever get free wi-fi hotspots. We really heavily on 3G.

The sweetest part of the day’s announcement is the price tag. A mere $199 for a full fledge android 4.1 Jelly Bean Tablet with enhanced apps like YouTube and Google Maps coming with free apps like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The Bourne Dominion and includes subscriptions to magazines like Popular Science and others. A $25 Google Play credit is also thrown in for a good measure. I can’t wait to get my hands on this baby. below is a table from the Wall Street Journal comparing the Nexus 7 with Kindle, iPad, and the Microsoft Surface tab.

The Nexus 7 starts shipping from mid – July 2012, but you can order right now from the Google Play Store for $199 for 8GB model and $249 for 16GB model. You can choose between two colors, black and white.

So, shall we say the wait is worth it for those who have waited and resisted the temptation of buying other types of tablets? I definitely think so.

What do you think?

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