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To understand my choice of Tecno M7, a little background information may be in order.

My next choice of a smartphone came out of necessity. I have a Blackberry 9800 which I still love so much and which has served me so well. Of late however, the usual “blackberry rolling black clock” has decided to become so frequent as to almost make the phone unusable. Upon that, the blackberry is not a dual sim phone and in my area of abode, dual sim phones are a must if you need to survive in business and in day to day activities. No thanks to our highly unreliable mobile network carriers. Networks disappear when you need them most. So having a smartphone that carries two sims of different network carriers make a lot of sense. When one network fails you as it’s usual here, you simply use the other sim.

I am not new to dual sim phones and especially the android dual sims smartphones. I started with Samsung Galaxy Y duos and have since then used over five such phone. The list includes the Tecno T1, T2, T3 and N3. Also, the Tecno Q1, L3, & P5 have passed through my hands. My last dual sim smartphone was the P5 which I was using until yesterday. Of late, especially after installing bbm for android alongside Whatsapp messenger in the P5, the phone have started going the blackberry way. Freezing became the order of the day and the phone became noticeably sluggish. I have seen the phone rebooting all by itself on three occasions in the past two weeks. The 512 Mb RAM in the phone has started taking a serious beating and it is obvious the Tecno P5 is not enjoying this.

So, it’s time to move on and it has to be another dual sims smartphone. This automatically spells ANDROID. The iPhones and the Windows Phones of this world are not into dual sims because poor networks areas such as ours are not their primary targets. To arrive at a decision about the phone to buy, a lot of factors aside from the above mentioned ones also come into the picture. I am not too demanding when it comes to specifications. I just need the phone as a carry around, all purpose phone for day to day use. See my humble requirements below.

A screen size of 4 inches or higher.
Must not be too big for one handed operations.
Must have a RAM of at least 1Gb.
Should have decent internal storage space for application installations and file storage.
A camera of not less than 5MP.
Lest I forget, the phone must not cost an arm and a leg.

Few phones meet my requirements. But because of cost, the Samsungs and the L.G.s were not considered. The choice is now limited to the Tecnos and the Infinix phones. Having used Tecno phones and knowing their strength and weaknesses, I decided once again to visit their stable. Here I have the following to choose from:

Tecno N7 (No 3.75G (only 2G and 3G), 5-inch display, Android 4.0 OS (ICS), 1.0GHz dual core processor, GPU embedded, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 5MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera, 2300mAH Li-Ion battery.) Price: about N29,000

Tecno Phantom A+ ( 3.75G, 5-inch display, Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.2GHz quad core processor, GPU embedded, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 8MP rear camera, 1.2MP front camera, 2100mAH Li-Ion battery.) Price: about N36,000

Tecno F8 Phantom A2 (3.75G, 5.7-inch display, Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.2GHz quad core processor, GPU embedded, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 13MP rear camera, 8MP front camera, 2630mAH Li-Ion battery.) Price: about N47,000.

Tecno M7 (3.75G, 5-inch display, Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean), 1.2GHz dual core processor, GPU embedded, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 8MP rear camera, 1.2MP front camera, 2000mAH Li-Ion battery.) Price: about N27,500.

The Phantom A2 is the reigning king but to me the size is just a little too big for a single handed operation and the price is beyond my pocket for now. The N7 has an older android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and a poor RAM of 512Mb. Yet it is slightly more costly than the M7. So the real fight for me, is between the Phantom A+ and the M7. Both are broadly with the same specifications except that the Phantom A+ has a slightly bigger battery ( 2100mAh as opposed to M7’s 2000mAh). So my pocket finally decided for me and the M7 wins the day.


Would you say this is a poor choice?
Or would you rate it as an intelligent choice?
Given my circumstances, which phone would you choose?

Let’s have your comments below.


Going over this post, I don’t know if I will pass it off as a blog post or just a write-up giving excuses for spending my money on the M7 😀



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