Engage The Brain Before Engaging The Mouth.

Words Are Like Eggs; Once Spoken (/ Broken), There Is No Remedy – Except Damage Control. – Anonymous.

It is often said that Words Are Cheap.

While this is true to a very large extent, it is also true that words can also be very very expensive and we should therefore be very mindful of the words we use either orally or in written form.

We remember that Communication Goes Behind Words.

There are things somebody that is not important will say that will have little or no repercussions , whereas pronouncements from people of substance have a lot of weight – since many people are looking up to them, and see them as icons .

This is why the Presidents of countries (need to) choose word carefully as people are meticulously analysing every word, actions and nuances, and reading meanings into them.

I have always admired (former) Presidents like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama who can address a world body, and speak extensively extemporaneously – without referring to any notes, and without any hesitancy. This demonstrates clearly that they have a firm stand on everything and are not afraid to let the world know what those stands are. It also shows that they have mastered how to use the right words at the right time in the right place.

Remember Elon Musk, the celebrated CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, etc? With just nine words posted on Twitter in a moment of indiscretion, he lost his Chairmanship position of Tesla Motors, and also got fined good money the Securities Regulatory Agency.

Am Considering Taking Tesla Private At $420. Funding Secured

Just Nine Words

There is another recent instance of somebody making an unguarded pronouncement, costing him profoundly.

A celebrated Billionaire Funds Manager has just been caught saying something that is politically incorrect as well as intensely sexist.

Billionaire Ken Fisher, Who Compared Winning Clients To Getting In ‘a Girl’s Pants,’ Lost $1 Billion In Client Funds

How about his saying, Getting & Retaining Clients Entails Unrelenting Wooing?

Maybe you could say this at a private party or a bar, and get away with such a ribald comment, but not in public.

Ken Fisher, has apologized but some damage has already been done to his business and his personal reputation. Sone of the people are doing business with his investment firm have already pulled out some hefty funds.

Hopefully he has learnt some lessons from this, just like CEO Elon Musk must have learnt some..

Even ordinary day-to-day people should take to mind the saying that..

Mere Words That Can Be Used To Charm A Bee Off A Tree Can Also Be Used To Cause War

It wouldn’t hurt to always engage our brain before putting our mouth (or fingers) in action!.

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