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It goes without saying that Nigeria has been in its worse shape economically in the past few months and whether blames should be cast on past or present administrations depends on the kind of individual you ask. However the focus of this piece is on those who take advantage of the state of things to impose more headaches and frustrations on the downpressed.

Just on Sunday evening a friend of mine who recently graduated and had been sending CVs around and filling online job forms into several companies in Abuja got an SMS inviting him for a job interview the next day somewhere around Grand Square in Abuja by 7 am prompt. I encouraged him to go in spite of the short notice especially since he wont have to spend up to N1000 to and fro. So he was up by 5 am, took a cold shower in this unfriendly harmattan and without breakfast got dressed and was off to Grand square.

On his arrival he encountered the familiar scene of massive crowd of applicants from all over Abuja and neighboring states, some going through current affairs, some looking confused and others just chatting away.

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Long story short some 20 minutes after 7 am some corporately dressed guys came and ushered them into halls and separated them according to their qualifications viz OND, HND and BSc. My guy was like, this is serious oh.

Then came the shocker.

A lady came to address them, congratulating them on how lucky they were to have been selected and that coming for the interview would be a life changer. She said she worked for a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company that offers network marketing opportunities called G#L#. Before she could complete her gospel my friend and a few others jejely took the final optionthey walked away with a hiss. So na these people again mcheww.

Photo courtesy - insidify.com

Photo courtesy – insidify.com

When he told me his experience I was like why the deception and why prey on innocent job seekers, why not advertise appropriately and allow those interested in this line of marketing come forward. My friend for one isn’t even good at convincing or marketing even if his life depended on it. So he never applied for any marketing jobs. Before he even completed his complaints I reminded him of others who must have borrowed transport money to come all the way from Kaduna or Kogi state only to be so disappointed. Cases abound about people who traveled for job tests and never returned, some ended up in kidnappers dens others victims of road accidents, going for job tests in itself is risky business. So in all we do as employers, entrepreneurs or business people lets always have a human face in our interactions, not while trying to further our business interest end up causing sorrow and pain to the helpless segment of society.

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