Yes, for that rat that strayed into your bedroom, poison is good for it. Nothing is inherently good or bad; it is all about application.

There was this recent story, LASEMA Identifies Doctor Who Jumped Into Lagos Lagoon

Of course, the story had people wondering what would make a doctor (or any other person) take a plunge into the lagoon. Unmanaged stress, mental instability, or ‘African Juju’ deployed effectively?

There are far more efficient ways to kill yourself, being a doctor..Why choose the dramatic method of plunging into the lagoon when he can simply inject himself with something lethal?

Na wa oo… It doesn’t even bother you the man committed suicide, you are offering better ways for him to kill himself

An unknown person jumps to his death, I should start crying?

People die daily na. Why should it bother me ? Whether it bothers or not, people die daily.

Fact of life

Okay ooo.

I know in Africa the first thing that comes to mind is that the person involved is being ‘remotely controlled’, but I want to believe most of cases like this have mental health issues as their bases.

Doesn’t “remote-control” also result in mental health issues ni?

The fact he chose this way to kill himself may be a pointer to his mental faculty being “remote controlled” o.

The problem is when we think more of remote controlled action we don’t plan for awareness and treatment of mental problems. We attribute to, and enlist diabolic treatments alone.

Remember I said most, as I am also an African.

I read you.

Actually, I think here should be a section in the medical sciences dealing with ‘remote controls’, because many of the things that happen in the African. Society are not ‘ordinary eye ‘….

Even some of the terrible attacks in the western world thought initially to be terror related have been shown to be perpetrated by mentally unstable guys.

While science doesn’t believe in remote-control, every symptom that a remote-controlled person exhibits have been studied exhaustively and described by science, and are traceable to one mental illness or another.

Depend on what kind of science you refer to.

There are sciences that don’t deal with Newtonian Laws, and all those things we learnt in school. Remember, metaphysics is a type of Physics..

A cynic jumps in:

People jump in front of trains in the UK. Is that remote-control too? We have the tendency to ‘spiritualize’ issues.

Mental illness is a worldwide phenomenon, abeg!

Well, we are Africans. And we know these things happen, all right.Your skepticism hat doesn’t obviate the fact there are remote-controls. Also, burying the head in the sand doesn’t eliminate the surrounding dangers.

Remote controls also cause physical manifestations that are only treatable non-physically. At least those NollyWood movies tell me so

Remote, remote. People are going to space. Nanotechnology is evolving. Where is our remote?That’s exactly why I don’t watch those movies.

Someone who appears to take the ‘middle of the road’ approach to this quips,

I believe you folks are all saying the same thing.

Mental health issues don’t just occur, :they are caused or triggered by something. That something could be psychological, psychosomatic or “remote-controlled” (the last being mostly unique to Africa


The conversation continues,

When you are physically sick or have a physical injury it is evident to all and you seek medical treatment, but the mind is unseen and if someone is sick in the mind, it is the actions that shows the mental illness and most of the time it could be too late.

Our own “remote” is only being applied negatively and has not really been studied “scientifically”. There may be positive applications of our remote

As a christian it is difficult not to believe in some form of remote control, but as a scientist it would not be the first thing I think about any situation.Otherwise I wouldn’t believe in prayers

For example, “EGBE” and “KANAKO” (de-materializing and materializing elsewhere) cannot be said to be negative applications of our kind of remote.

It Is unfortunate we do not do any formalized research in this kind of area in this country. No one has studied how these things work and how they can be applied in this age.

What have we developed and contributed from this country to this digital world?

This your “egbe” and “kanako” will not be looked on favorably by many, you know.

Too many airlines would close down. A person like Richard Branson of the Virgin Airlines fame would certainly not be happy.

Where is your business sense? We can start Kanako Airways, and set up a worldwide franchise. That would be good value proposition


If we have to research our traditional remote control things we will probably need to develop protocols and the methodologies of doing it, as the scientific protocols won’t work

Sure thing. Our traditional ways are beyond empirical formulae. But then, who knew the Newton Laws and formulae until they were discovered and worked out?

There is little doubt that there are sciences that are different from conventional science, and that are just as effective in their manifestations.

The same way that electricity can kill, and can also cool (depending on application), our traditional sciences need to be looked at, and positive applications encouraged.

Greater documentation should be encouraged, but then, with education / religion, these things are considered demonic or diabolic or archaic, so the educated one who could put some order into these things tend to distance themselves from them.

The result, like language that’s not encouraged to be spoken or written, is extinction, eventually…

Is Occultism A Science?

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