The sad events of the tanker accident and resulting inferno that killed nine people, injured many and destroyed 54 cars is a sad commentary on us all as Nigerians.

Accidents happen, but there are avoidable ones…

Many Feared Dead, 67 Cars Burnt As Tanker Explodes On Lagos Otedola Bridge

It is said that prevention is better than cure.

Suppose we concentrate more on looking at additional ways as to how some of these disasters can be prevented or mitigated, to start with.

Periodic Certification of both vehicles and driver is essential, but I think some lack in regulatory framework also contributes to this problem.

There is an FRSC.


Why can’t tankers (carrying dangerous items like chemical, fuel) move ONLY at night? After all, intercity buses were banned from travelling at night at a time, so let’s do the reverse.

Why allow articulated vehicles out of the ports (say Apapa), with unstrapped cargoes that tip-over in a badly potholed road? Too many instances of innocent people getting flattened while in their vehicle!

Someone on Twitter,

//I have been to Doha, I have lived in Dubai, I hav been to Abu Dhabi several times and these are places with Oil yet I have never seen a truck parked on the road neither have I seen trucks dispensing Gas at normal working hrs.

Our Gov officials visit these places yet they don’t emulate.//

Another new arrival in Canada,

//It’s same here. I am yet to see a tanker drive into a gas station for discharge//

Indeed .. why don’t we emulate these countries..?

I googled ‘Nigeria,tanker explosions’, and couldn’t believe just how rampant this is, all over the country, with people dying, all over.


See why we need to embrace electric_driven vehicles very fast? All these transportation of flammable materials through the city among passenger vehicles is something we need to leave behind, eventually.


Something crafted by somebody in a Group I belong to.

//Lessons from Yesterday tragedy:

1.Give enough safe distance between you and the next vehicle to allow for manoeuvering in case of emergency.

2. Be very alert and conscious of what type of vehicle is beside, in front, behind you especially on a slope (downwards / upwards).

3. Never be in front of a trailer / tanker on a downward slope, and never be behind on an upward slope.

4. Think ahead, be spontaneous and anticipate.//


Government has its role to play. Citizens have theirs.

While many may be tempted to dump the culpability for disasters like this strictly on the doorsteps of government, key is realize that.. Citizenship Doesn’t Begin (or end) With Wailing!

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