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I ran across this joke on Facebook.

A Litre Of Kerosine Is #500.00 And A Litre Of Petrol Is #145.00 Hmmm… Don’t You Think It’s Cheaper To Cook With Petrol?, …

Like with many jokes, there is some lesson to be learned here.

The current situation in the country now is that kerosene is significantly costlier than petrol.

Almost double, as a matter of fact.

Cooking gas price has also headed for the skies, so. many people would be compelled to follow the Kerosene Highway.

This is not the first time this kind of scenario would play out in Nigeria. Any time there is this much price disparity, there is the danger that you would find roadside kerosene retailer mixing petrol with kerosene to maximize profits.

This is simply criminal, and anybody found to have done this should face the full weigh of the law, and should be charged with attempted murder.This is because kerosene is used to cook by lots and lots of people (in addition to other uses like paint making).

Some people also use kerosene to light up their homes, when PHCN does what it knows how to do best..hold power.

The danger is that kerosene adulterated with petrol in whatever ratio is simply dangerous to put in kerosene stove or in hurricane lanterns. And the one who went to buy kerosene but ended up buying an a mixture of kerosene plus petrol risks an explosive conflagration that could snuff out his / her life, or scar his / her body for life .

A possible solution is to buy your kerosene from a filling station. I want to believe no petrol station would deliberately mix up kerosene with petrol, as an elixir, to make more money.That would be genocidal!

If you are unable to do this, and have to buy from independent retail sellers of kerosene, test the explosiveness of the liquid you just purchased by pouring some quantity on paper and throwing a lighted match on it … from a safe distance.

From the way the paper flares up, you would know if you should go ahead and safely use that liquid in your stove / lantern, or, if you should pour it away immediately.

If you have the smelling skills of an alley cat, maybe you could detect adulterated kerosene, but I wouldn’t bank on that.

Let us be safety conscious.

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