Don’t Remain SMUG Amid The SMOG.

It would be a smogasboard of environmental calamities.

I recently wrote the post When It Is Not Cool To Be Hot! where I talked about the searing heat in Qatar.

Generally when we hear about global warming (or climate change generally) we simply shrug our shoulders and carry on with whatever we are doing. But we are often jarred out of ouyt nonchalance when we hear the news or experience first-hand the direct effect of changes in climate.

Qatar is a prime example.

Imagine putting a candle in a saucer in the sunlight in some parts of the world and having that candle totally melt in a few minutes.

Now, that’s scary!

Extreme swings in the weather condition from freezing cold to oven_hot is becoming a global phenomenon.

In places like Canada, the level of cold that you have in recent years just makes you wonder, with the opposite situation happening in a place like Qatar. Different countries different weathers.

There is this recent news of the effect of man-made climate change in India.

India: Delhi Restricts Car Use As Toxic Smog Covers City.

Vehicle restrictions have been introduced in and around the Indian capital, New Delhi, as part of an effort to cut soaring levels of air pollution. Private cars will be allowed on the roads on alternate days..

Being Reactive Instead Of Being Proactive

Heavy smogs in industrialised cities is a very familiar thing places like China where extreme industrialisation / urbanisation are take a terrible toll on their climate and environment.Too many cars and too many industries spewing noxious fumes.

People like Elon Musk (the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla motors) who are pushing hard for humanity to jettison Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (and adopt electrically_powered ones) along with solar engine provisioning should be encouraged) in every way possible. The climate change we are witnessing is not going to rectify itself. Humans have to alter their destructive activities that keep decimating the environment. And this would entail sustained cooperation across countries. It is not just in initiatives like the Geneva Convention / Kyoto Protocol.

Coming home, government must actively encourage the adoption of electrically powered locomotion – ranging from motorcycles to cars to lorries.

Some private establishments are think along this line already.

Max Wants to Introduce Electric Bikes After Raising $7 million Funding

We are all witnesses to the very erratic weather in the country where you have the seasons becoming blurred. It rains when it should not be raining the weather is hot even with regular rainfall and you have dry spells when there should actually be rain.

The heat being experience is also something that is very abnormal around this time of the year when harmattan is supposed to have a kicked in vigorously.

Just the other day I was commenting to someone how these days, when you put a bucket outside to collect rainwater, the water tends to be black. This happens even when rain has been falling regularly for a few days.
This is of course attributable to the atmosphere being highly polluted and we are here doing nothing about it. Our Deputy Senate President even urged Nigeria to resist the adoption of Electric Vehicles because we are an oil producing country, while the Common Sense Senator was shouted down by colleagues for  proposong an Electric Vehicle Bill to the House (when he was still a member).

Destructive activities almost always accompany heavy industrialisation.. Oil exploration, manufacturing, etc.

China and India (among others) suffer heavy environmental degradation because there is high level of activities and many smoke_belching vehicles in those countries and the population is also very high.

Now, the technological world seems to have their sights set on Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. Despite most of the developed world setting deadlines when Internal Combustion Engine cars will no longer be allowed to ply their roads, some automobile  companies are choosing Africa to set up factories here. This is bound to be inimical to the environmental well-being of these African countries.

China for example is giving a lot of incentives to automobile companies that want to produce Electric Vehicles and heavily discouraging those wishing to continue with the legacy Internal Combustion Engine cars. Logically, the companies that want to continue with the legacy automotive propulsion method will gravitate to places like Africa where such such restrictions do not exist.

We need to watch out.

We also need to be proactive before we start having rampant health issues on account of leaving until tomorrow what we should tackle today.

Like I said , Ostriches Don’t Make Good Leaders

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