Don’t Kill The Suicide Problem By Executing It.

So people seem to be committing suicide left right and centre in Nigeria these days. This may not be unconnected with the economic situation in the country.. Students, pastors doctors – cutting across different strata.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you must have been hearing of multiple suicides, here and there. people ingesting insecticides, taking a dive into the Atlantic ocean, etc.

A notable personality in the person of Doctor Joe Abah, (seconded by the social media activist JJ Omojuwa) believes that banning certain substances like “Sniper” is a movement in the right direction to arrest / retard these runaway trains of suicides.

Someone said,

To clarify to those who have contrary positions, the ban we seek is not to make suicide impossible, but rather to make it less easy or more difficult, so that in their search for this material we can buy more time to reach intending suicidal people.

I am not convinced. Banning items is a waste of time.

Forgotten banning Gamalin 20?

Is it not a fact that ingesting enough tablets of Valium will send you to permanent sleep – that you never wake up from? Ban Valium? How many things are you going to have to ban?

If someone is determined to commit suicide , I believe they will always find a way.

Someone attempted to counter this position by sarcastically saying,

When you park your car at the mall, just leave the key in the ignition.

After all, it doesn’t matter- those who want to steal your car will always find a way to steal it.

On the face of it, this sounds reasonable…. the idea of taking away (or making difficult-to procure) implements or substances that make suicide easy – just like they do in prisons.


One of those proposing the ban of substances that appear to be most commonly used by people who commit suicide was quick to supply the following link about Sri Lanka.:

How Pesticide Bans Can Prevent Tens Of Thousands Of Suicides A Year.

However, in that same article is this extract,

A Study Of Emergency Rooms In Eight Different Us States
found That While 82.5 Percent Of Attempts With Firearms Resulted in death, Only 1.5 Percent Of Drug/Poison Ingestion Attempts Resulted In Death

The implication of this is that suicidal people will use whatever is easily or readily available to effect suicide. They will always find something to use to achieve their suicidal aim. Ban one substance and they look for another.

Yet another extract,

This Is A Fairly Uncommon Suicide Method In The Us. There Were Only 12 Pesticide Suicides In The Us In 2016, Out Of Nearly 45,000 Suicides Total.


Take away ‘Sniper’..and they simply find alternatives. Valium, ….. whatever.

Someone else who aligned with the thought that banning doesn’t really address the problem of suicide, said,

Codeine syrup has been banned in Nigeria, but it is still sold consumed at street corners.

Where is the effectiveness?

Pharmacists now see a great opportunity to make a financial kill, selling at a costly rate to those who abuse the drugs.

The same way the person wants to kill himself will get whatever he needs to achieve his objective even if it is banned

The “Ban Sniper” proponent made a final pitch,

There is noting unique about Nigeria, crime and criminality is not special to us.

People also break laws in other societies, you get things in black market, hard drugs are sold at street corners.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue making policies.

Policies that aren’t effective?

I said somewhere that UnEnforceable Laws Are No Laws

Ineffectual policies are as bad as NO policies. That’s not what lawmakers are paid to do.

What then is the solution to reduce this alarming rising suicide rates?

We shoild focus on building a society where the last thing a sane person would want to do is kill him- or her-self. A society where people can anticipate a glorious future.

Above all. we should also strive more to Be Our Brother’s Keepers.

A highly insalubriousness or inegalitarian society have a way of driving citizens to perform dastardly acts committing suicide.

Or Embarking on Kidnapping …..

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