Don’t Judge A Man By His Toys!

This was supposed to be a response to the post Why Would A Samsung Galaxy S9 Owner Want Opera Mini As Their Browser?, but ballooned into an entire post on its own.

I totally disagree with the premise or though processes behind the above post. I think it is completely off tangent.

While it is true that you are what you eat, I do not think you are necessarily what you use.


The argument is that if you can afford an S9, you can afford a robust Internet data plan and so do not need Opera Mini’s cost-saving feature.

There are housewives cruising brand new Tokunboh Lexus LX 330 bought by the husband, but totally fueled by the wife. We may need to find out if they just say, ‘fill up’ at filling stations, with careless nonchalance..

I have seen people lease a car and struggle to put fuel into that car because what they pay as rentals monthly leaves them financially emaciated, and gasping for financial breath..

That you use a top-level item (like. a smartphone) doesn’t necessarily signify your affluence Level. It may be a gift from a thoughtless donor, or you may simply be struggling to keep up with the Joneses.

Don’t judge a man by his toys!


Someone might argue that a premium smartphone user might want it for its faster speeds. But premium smartphone owners are also less likely to need it for that because they can afford 4G Internet connections and also often have access to WiFi at work and at home.

There are 4G internet connections that are not necessity better than EDGE. Depends on the network + area .. combination.

Beside, the costs of 4G connection in Nigeria is exactly the same as 3G, so this point sounds hollow to me.


That is this small matter of policy or principle. Don’t waste whenever you don’t have to. Some of us belong to thia school of thought.

I have Opera Mini, UC mini, Opera Full Browser and UC Full Browser Installed. Consistently, I use Opera Mini unless when there are complex pages that it cannot handle properly. Primarily, this is to save data also called money. Why spend 2X per month if X would so the same job?

This same poster once published a post highlighting the surprising fact the Nigerian Billionaire, Otedola,, uses a low-level phone. Obviously, you can’t judge a man by his phone.

A rich man may not be ostentatious or wasteful and a poor man may just be busy keeping up appearances.

This poster might as well say that those who use premium phones do not need to install a firewall application since saving data is for the struggling masses!

A philosophy.

Don’t waste. EVER. Parsimony. Frugality, Asceticism, you get the picture .

This post is extra short as I don’t believe in WASTE. Wasting peoples’ time, wasting money (data), whatever …

The man who wastes money has not discovered the true import of the saying that the journey of wealth accumulation begins with the conservation of little coins.

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