Don’t Count Your Chickens….

There is the story of the girl that sells milk.  As she moved along, with a bucket filled with milk delicately balanced on her head,  she daydreamed about what she would do with the money realized from the day’s sales.

Yes,  I will use the money to buy eggs from the Hatchery next Street, then, use the eggs to make pancakes, then go and sell it to the
market woman the next market day, and ….

As she continued ruminating in this fashion,  she tripped over a stone, and spilled the entire contents of her bucket on the ground. Milk gone. That was the end of her dream, for that day.

The first batch of voting for the Presidency, House of Representatives and the Senate have come and gone.
Someone said, INEC has advised people to stop announcing results. I can only conclude that those announcing results without INEC authorization are trying to create mischief. Can’t we allow INEC do their job? We cannot afford an unnecessary crisis with results from diverse sources.
I agree.
But, the truth of the matter is that the INEC officials (usually very young Youth Corpers with little work experience and exposure)  are often overwhelmed by the logistic problems. They are in many cases not equipped to handle the tasks they are saddled with. But I must say some are really exceptionally good.
Someone said,
You would be surprised though. A volunteer where I voted yesterday did more than the INEC officials and policemen combined. He showed them direction.
Another said,
A volunteer in my booth was our comedian-in-chief. He made the long wait more palatable. He was good in explaining what INEC people could not. Got people in line. And made jokes of everything. But ensured people complied. Yet he was not an INEC staff.

People have been using the social media to publish results,  with the attendant influence on perception of who is having the upper hand, across the states of the federation.

While the final announcement is the constitutional responsibility of INEC, it is clear that they often need assistance from members of the public to get the work done.
Otherwise, they would simply be up in a canoe without a paddle. For instance,  there was a polling booth where voting extended to 2am in the night, with people having to provide rechargeable lamps, and refreshments, because they want to ensure the polls are counted and recorded .
The reason the polls are counted at the booths, publicly, and results are announced immediately is so that everybody is aware of the
results, and have a copy. It would then be a simple thing to add up the figures. Discrepancy would then be easy to detect,  based on the results announced
individually at polling booths. Where people err, is in prematurely announcing results, piecemeal, without waiting for INEC to announce officially. And in some cases, outright lies are announced.

Let’s not count our chickens. Can we let those chickens hatch first
before we roll out those celebration drums.

The discordant and contrasting results being announced everywhere do not bring stability to the political process …

Restraint and patience are necessary virtues.

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