Don’t Berate Lies That Belie Good Intentions

APC and lies…… Mcheeeew. Pastor my foot……
Abeg, second base o jare…..!

She was referring to the current rapid fixed cost between the current vice-president Professor Yemi Osinbajo and Reno Omokri, a former aide to a former president, Goodluck Jonathan.

…and the banter starts

You mean your foot is not so useful?

Remember what I told you last week? Just like in business, garnishing / varnishing the truth is part of politicking, unfortunately.

If you can’t stand the heat, vacate the kitchen!

By the way who told you that it is only APC that lies??

It is hypocrisy of the highest order. You cannot serve both God and mammon. as a matter of fact, I sincerely doubt if you can win an election in Nigeria with the current structure and still continue to be an upright pastor. Our political climate does not seem to permit that.

Frateinizing with known thieves and still claiming holy-holy. Mtscheeeww.

Don’t they say the end justifies the means? Would you steal to save a life… will you gun down a lunatic with acid to save a class full of school children from attack?

If we want to extend what you just said… then President Buhari cannot still be standing up to be an honest man since some stolen wealth is partly responsible for the politicking that culminated in his ascendancy to the presidency.

We both know that you need some humongous sums of money to get hold of political power at a high level.. How do you now propose that that be done without using whatever ladder you can to get to where you want to get to?

If stolen wealth by some of his political associates and party members would help him get to the top to make a change in the polity, then so be it…

It may be irksome for somebody that is looked upon as the epitome of spirituality to be perceived as garnishing the truth.


In the financial world, there’s something called the Investment Vehicle.

The particular Investment vehicle, which represents the method that you use to reach your financial objectives, is not as important as your reaching your destination, financially (as long as it is not immoral)..

So, politically, you can even use your enemies to secure political power.

The gal who started this banter believes that it is lack of integrity to politically stab somebody in the back.

Now there is the popular maxim that there are no permanent enemies / friends in politics, or even business, just permanent interests.

I asked,

Have you not heard of female detectives even allowing criminals they are investigating to sleep with them so that they can nail them and bring them to justice??

Maybe in those Hollywood / Nollywood films.

Many people go into policing because they want to effect a change in society. Basically they have dedicated their life to achieving that aim.. so nothing is too much for them to sacrifice..

The same thing applies to some leaders who sometimes need to use unethical methods to effect a positive change.

Lying is not a bad thing in itself… the reason behind your lying is what is more paramount, sister.

A focused leader who knows that the only way to get to power is to utilise the stolen funds of some thieves will do that.. if he is driven by enough passion to change the lives of the people…

How do you do that if you are so finicky about the source funds bringing you to power?? And how do you effect wide-ranging changes without being in power?

She then asks,

So a pastor can go and sleep with an ashawo in a brothel in order to win her and her mates to Christ, abi?

Not sleeping with her. Just fraternising and reprogramming hey mindset.

If that is what will convert her, why not? Haven’t you seen people going to evangelize in brothels before? Is that the kind of place you should normally find a child of God??

I know Mr. Devil is soaking his koboko in kerosene waiting for those sanctimonious hypocrites who lie through their teeth for political expediency and still grandstand to be men of God.

My ways are not your ways sayeth the Lord… Thankfully, His thinking is not your thinking.

Besides is is not written that thou shall not judge?

It is the end that is important.. not the method.. always remember this, sister !

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