You Know That Family Is Going To Be There For You No Matter What. My Dad Gave Me A Freakin’ Kidney! – Sarah Hyland

Here screams the headline, Leo Mezie, Nollywood actor down with Kidney failure


Another one!

The question that immediately cane to my mind was, why are so many actors having kidney problems? Right from the days of “Nosa” in a Nigerian Soap Opera who died of kidney failure many decades ago, we have been having a cascade of kidney failures, in recent times in the movie industry, and even outside it.

If my memory serves me right, Chris Nkulor, Fred Ekata, James Uche, Enebeli Elebuwa… all actors.. also had kidney issues or/and died of the disease.

Other non actor celebrities like Charles B, Yinka Craig, Steve. “the Sleek” Kadiri, Nzau Kalulu Akeem Sodeinde, OJB Jezreel also died of, or were afflicted with kidney failure.

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Could it be that acting or being in the paparazzi is so stressful, leading to high blood pressure and thus leading to kidney failures?

Or, could it be the lifestyle of these boys and girls, improper dieting, excessive smoking and drinking without enough sleep is the causative factors of so many young (and not so young) people succumb to kidney disease?

Stories like Nigeria Records 17,000 New Cases of Kidney Disease Annually are quite scary, even of not statistically verifiable.! An epidemic that most people won’t be able to handle financially..

Abeg oooo!!

If celebrities are succumbing, we can only imagine how the average Joe or Amina would be able to handle or cope with this disease.

But then, perhaps this is a case of the rich also cry, a disease of the fairly affluent?


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We have people like Pete Edochie and Olu Jacobs who are synonymous with acting still waxing strong, so there must be some reason causing nephrological deaths apart from being in the limelight.

What’s The Cause Of Kidney Failure ? What lifestyle choices can we make to prevent this disease.?

In an Article About High Blood Pressure Dr Maureen Ona-Igbru says,

Untreated Hypertension Damages the Heart And Other Organs And Can Lead To Life-threatening Conditions That Include Heart Disease, Stroke, And Kidney Disease.

With us not quite being our neighbour’s keepers and the disease being such an expensive one to manage and kidney transplants being so expensive, this is one case where Prevention Is Certainly Better Than Cure!

News like Nollywood Veteran, Martins Njubuigbo Battling With Liver Disease, and needing financial help, and this latest victim of kidney trouble makes it imperative for a more robust National Health Insurance Scheme to be put in place, and the common man on the street sensitized. to it

I fear o!

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