There goes the screaming news,

FG orders sack of ALL striking doctors This was in response to Resident Doctors commence indefinite strike nationwide

Someone comments,

Now doctors can start hating President Muhammed Buhari even more vociferously, just like some hate BabaTunde Raji Fashola until today for the doctor Imbroglio of the other time in Lagos..

Of course, trust fellow doctors to defend the strike action.

To ruffle some more doctoral feathers, somebody said,

I have always felt some of these Doctors need to have their feathers clipped They have an over bloated opinion of their importance, as if the medical sector is the ONLY sector.The main man, BabaTunde Raji Fashola really dampened their effervescent exuberance the other time in Lagos, and I was clapping for him until former GOVERNOR Bola Tinubu stepped in to save the situation

The conversation continued, with somebody asking rhetorically,

Well have you wondered why nobody bats an eyelid if lecturers go on strike, but everybody starts complaining when doctors do?Maybe they’re actually important and their gripes do need looking into? I used to think they’re selfish and wicked and their demands are impossible to meet, unntil I got a cousin, a young doctor doing housemanship in a General Hospital and I saw her working conditions

Which got countered with…

That’s not peculiar to the medical sector. Do you know the conditions the police works under? Do they strike at the drop of a pin?The truth is, doctors are no different from other humans. We are naturally selfish and take advantage of whatever we can and get away with. They blackmail the public with those unending demands.. And a serious government shouldn’t kowtow to blackmail.

Doctors are also humans, and some would also be afflicted with the weakness of rapacious greed.

Having signed the oath to save lives, they should not be so callous  in downing tools the way other people in other sectors would the drop of a pin.

What more can be reprehensible than using human lives as bargaining chips in an unfair negotiation?

Surely, there are hundreds of other non-aggressive ways to press your demands, no? Indefinite strike is blackmail.

Besides, when they strike who gets hurt? The elite who don’t use public hospitals or insensitive political class who whisk themselves and their family abroad for mere ear infections and sprained ankles ? The same masses that the Doctors often claim to be fighting for suffer inordinately during strikes.

Actually, not all doctors demands have made sense…federal doctors have gone on strike before to press for the FG to stop politicians from traveling outside the country for medical needs. That’s clearly for personal gain.

What do you think about Doctors going in strike? Would the government be right to refuse to pay striking workers, or give them the matching order when they start getting out of hand ?


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