Do The Surefire Thing ; Ensure You Insure.

There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?

— Woody Allen

So, the bombshell came. Someone that appeared hale and hearts was suddenly reported dead.

He went out of the house to fill diesel into the generator tank.

Taking so long the wife decided to come out and check only to find him slumped on the floor of the backyard. She immediately raised an alarm and by the time he was rushed to the hospital, he was confirmed dead.

Most likely, the result of high blood pressure, and then, a heart attack (the silent killer).

Someone, shocked at this premature demise, said,

I think we should drive ourselves less now as people begin to cross the 50-year marker.

In a sane world, we should be retiring but not in Nigeria . Nevertheless, lets slow down a little, and give our health greater attention.

At this stage of our children’s lives, they probably need us around more than our money.

As we age, we need to take our health really really seriously.. Prostate check, blood pressure, etc

Of course, being a guy that just clocked fifty, with children still in school, the question of how the family would survive financially, cropped up. While alive, things were a struggle. Clearly, with the breadwinner gone, things can only get more difficult

And that’s when the issue of the necessity of life insurance cropped up.

Someone based in the UK asked,

Do people do life insurance in Nigeria?

With life insurance there shouldn’t be feeling of being stranded financially after a demise of a bread winner. Does anybody understand what I’m saying here?

And then, a discussion on the necessity / demerits of having a life insurance ensues.

Someone, a non believer in insurance, opined,

I don’t believe in insurance. At least not the insurance type of paying a premium to an insurance company.

Insurance thrives on feeding off the fear of humans. The fear of the unknown. Most of the things we fear hardly ever happen.

We are shocked about put colleague’s to demise because it is a very unusual and sudden occurrence. Such a thing is very very rare, and that is what I believe insurance capitalizes on… fear.

When you are free of fear, you are free to live.

The practical way toward insurance is live today as if you could die tomorrow, despite the fact that most of us won’t die tomorrow.

Take extremely good care of your physical / financial health, and emotional health. That’s the functional insurance for me.

Of course, the proponents for the importance of Insurance would have ninew of that.

One, a pastor, said,

Sorry, that is your position.

Maybe if you have had dealings with families left in tatters after the demise of the key bread winner as I do in my capacity as a pastor you will think twice about your stance on this .

Life insurance is actually not for you but for helping your loved ones after you are gone. The dead doesn’t need the money but the living.

It’s part of planning ahead for your loved ones after you are gone at least to help them move forward financially in your absence.

Here in the UK, depending on the premium you can get one that will not be more than 50 pence a day. It’s not what most cannot afford. And that’s why it’s called insurance. You don’t pray that you will ever need it.

The one who feels insurance is overrated, continued..

What a brother, afflicted with too much critical thinking suggested was, if you have two children, pretend you have three.

For every amount you spend on the two children, set aside fifty percent for the non existing one.

That’s true insurance.

My key point here is, insure your life, health, finances by brushing your teeth today to have healthy teeth tomorrow..

Most insurance businesses thrive because basically, they have free money being funneled into their account… predicated on fear.

Out of fifty humans, you probably won’t have one that has to claim, and that’s being conservative.

Whats the probability it would be you??

And that’s also what the casino owners also latch on to. The laws of probability

Why not make the strenuous effort – whole you are alive – to ensure that, even when you are dead, your family can cope?

We are wasteful as humans, and if we acknowledge that we could live up to 100 or die tomorrow, we would assume the latter and live / plan accordingly.

The final submission for the Pro_Insurance people, was..

I lost my senior brother in 1998. We didn’t know that he had life insurance, but they paid out and it went a long way in helping his widow financially.

It is good if you can afford it.

Life insurance is good planning and a demonstration of how much you love and care for your love ones especially your children.. when you are no more.

It should therefore be seen from this perspective.

So, what’s your take? Do you have a Life insurance policy, or do you think there are better approaches for preparing for the unexpected?

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