DIY Kitchen Plus

If you’ve ever found yourself unexpectedly and unavoidably in a kitchen, with little experience, I’ve got some pointers for you. Share them with friends. Rookies will thank you for saving their lives, he he he and every experienced Cook always appreciates new tips and old reminders. :))


#1. Use only a teaspoon of oil when frying eggs. No matter hoiw many the eggs, if the base of your pan is lightly, lighly I say, coated with oil, you’re good to go.


#2. If your stew has that “slapping” (sour) taste after you’ve added all your stock and ingredients, add some chopped basil (effirin, scent leaves) or curry leaves. Its like magic. Next time, let your tomatoes fry for longer or just pre-cook it.


#3. Never cook large fishes (fresh fish or any sea food for that matter) without washing it in boiling hot water first. Don’t put your hands in! Just let it sit for 2mins.


#4. When cooking Editan soup, add a little blended/pound afang three minutes before you turn off the stove. In a 1:3 Editan proportion mind you.


#5. If you’ve never cooked Archi soup before, SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP.


#6. Never, I mean do not EVER cook vegetables. Steam/Blanch. Just don’t cook ’em.


#7. Eggs are cooked in five minutes and hard-boiled in seven minutes. Throw it into a bowl of cold water to cool and the shell will come off easier.


#8. Make wheat, poundo, and amala in hot water. Stir and dissolve semovita, rice flour, and potato flour in cold water before heating it up.


This is getting boring right? Ok, here’s the link to fancy kitchenware sets, should be better now. But I could go on and on and on – I think I’ll talk about what to look out for when shopping groceries instead…next post…



2 comments for “DIY Kitchen Plus

  1. steve
    December 10, 2014 at 12:04 am

    Please can i be enlightened. What is Editan Soup? Is it a yoruba or igbo sou?

    • Sema
      December 11, 2014 at 9:34 am

      Editan is a soup of Efik/Ibibio origins. The soup is named after the editan leaves which have to be soaked/boiled in hot water then washed and pounded to get rid of its slim and bitter taste. It is said that anyone who thinks cooking bitter leaf soup is hard has never made editan.

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