The Ornithological Specimen Of Identical Plumage Invariably Conjugate Together With The Greatest Proximity


Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together.

Somebody asserted, with pride, that:

With Over 500 Languages, Nigeria Is Home To Seven Percent (7%) Of All Languages Spoken On Earth.

Sounds like something to be proud of, right?

He then went ahead to supply a link that further expatiated on this, and other things.

15 Things You Probably Didn???t Know About Nigeria

My response was,

Diversity Is Often Touted As Strength. But Is It, Really?

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When People Proliferate In Language, It Could Be Seen As Inability To Agree. Remember The Story Of The Tower Of Babel, And How God Put Confusion Amongst Them By Making Them Speak In Different Languages?

Have a look at the Tower Of Babel Story

I doubt there is any unity in diversity. As a matter of fact, if you can speak someone’s language, s/he more likely to be more positively disposed to you than if you don’t.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg learnt Mandarin Chinese in record time. The reason? Hear him;

There Are Three Reasons I Decided To Learn Chinese. The First, My Wife Is Chinese. Her Grandmother Can Only Speak Chinese. When I Told Her In Chinese I Was Going To Marry Priscilla, She Was Very Shocked. Then I Want To Study Chinese Culture. The Third: Chinese Is Hard And I Like A Challenge! This is an attempt at unification rather than diversification

There was a time some policemen stopped my wife and I while driving. They asked for the vehicle particulars. There was one of them with Yoruba tribal marks. Another spoke a Delta language and two others were of Hausa extraction. My wife greeted them. Spoke Hausa to the Hausa ones, spoke Yoruba to the tribal marked Yoruba one, and said something funny to the Deltan. All of them burst out laughing.

One said, “Madam, you be all rounder? Na wah o. Na all languages you dey speak?” They all laughed.

To me: Oga, you can go. This is a clear illustration of the strength in being of the same language as a man.It breaks down barriers instantly.

This same woman goes to Hausa Sellers, negotiate deals that someone who doesn’t speak the language cannot hope to close. A clear advantage!.

I once wrote a post,Popular Wisdom Is Plain Stupidity.

The saying that There Is Unity In Diversity is one of the numerous platitudes we hear bandied about that is simply invalid.

Instead of promoting our dissimilarity, we should actually focus more on the things we have in common, like areas of commonality in culture.

No, there is dis-unity in diversity, NOT unity. Look at all the religious strife we have, spilling into the politics of who can or cannot hold political positions based on their religion.

The greater the diversity, the more the likelihood of disharmony.

In similarity lies strength.

Opposites do not attract; they repel.

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