Ditch The Bleach And Be A Peach

What constitutes beauty?

It is a common saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So it may be difficult for us to universally agree on what constitutes beauty (or even ugliness as well).

Our perception of what constitutes beauty may be a society or culture thing.

The conversation started when somebody commented that naturally black people who bleach develop splotches if they do not continue to do so continually, and that turn into chocolate colour while trying to mask the blotches and patches of discoloration -which some men find attractive, strangely.

Someone cheekily suggested,

Perhaps they want to look sweet like chocolate.


Chocolate Is Said To Be Poisonous To Dogs.

Men Are Said To Be Dogs.

It then makes logical sense to conclude that,

Chocolate_coloured (wo)men are poisonous to wo(men).

Not so?

Someine else threw in this comment,

Light (bleached o!) skin irritates. It is as common in its fakeness as our aspiring politicians.

Just like some cultures considering being paper_thin as attractive, I don’t subscribe to that line.

Moderation in all things jare.

Apparently, many would disagree as exemplified by this rebuttal,

You do realise that in almost all cultures, “light skin” = beautiful, especially for women?.

En en?

I have never ever seen myself being with a light_skinned woman, actually. Nothing attractive as far as I am concerned. Different men different poisons.

I used to tell my Ebony_Skinned Wife.. see this one forming sophisticated on TV. Looking like an apparition, thinking she is beautiful.. O ma se o.

Is it not a common saying that Black Is Beautiful? Have we ever had it said that, White Is Beautiful?

Abeg, those paper_white bleached skin look look frail and delicate.. similar to agric chicken to me..

The one who believes that white is beautiful responded,

“Black is beautiful” as a statement was pushed by black people in the 20th century to contact the perception and belief in many quarters that it is not cool to be black.

If most people already really believe that Black Is Beautiful, why would they need to be emphasizing this, and make it a catchphrase.?

He adds,

If you’re basing your argument on your personal preference, then you are not part of the majority.

In most Asian countries “light skin” on a woman is seen as a positive thing. And thanks to slavery, the “light skinned people had advantages, especially if they could pass for white.

Also, bleaching creams wouldn’t exist if some people didn’t perceive it as making them more “beautiful” and giving them some kind of advantage over the charcoal_coloured counterparts..

Whatever floats your boat, it is really a matter of choice and perception as to what constitutes beauty.. extremely light complexioned or dark complexioned. A rotund physique,or an anorexic build.

But I think we can agree with this poetic composition,

Anyone can artificially ( chemically / surgically change his / her physical appearance to make themselves more physically attractive to others.

The more important thing, however, is change that is internal. They should psychologically address the low self_esteem they feel inside.

If they don’t, they will only be attracting short-term material gain and long-term pain

Beauty is certainly more than how you look physically. A man can look at a Picasso painting hanging on a wall and drool.. it doesn’t mean he wants to take it home to mama to flaunt, and marry.

A physically beautiful human (whether through chemical or surgical enhancements) without the associated inner beauty or character has that effect on people.. they admire the physical structure but distance themselves… except for “short_term stands”..

While we spend a lot of time addressing the way we look, we should dissipate even more time and energy purifying and improving on what ) how we think, how we talk, how we act and who we are -at the core.

Amen, somebody?

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