Someone says,

I understand what mom meant when she would say she was tired of driving. I dumped the car this afternoon and jumped on commercial motorcycles. Lagos cannot kill me. This sun is hot, but on the flip side, I get to exercise these old legs of mine.

Yes;Traffic For Lag Na Die

Someone consoles him,

Self-driving cars are imminent, here… soon.. Owning and driving  a car would become so unfashionable, soon…..

Not only is the Car Ahead Electrified, many vehicle manufacturers are embroiled in a cutthroat race to take the steering wheel away from. us, creating self driving cars. Ride sharing companies like Über and Lyft are not left behind in trying to do away with those revenue_sharing drivers, by partnering with vehicle manufacturers !

See Uber To Buy Thousands Of Volvo SUVs In Big Push To Robot_Taxi Future, for example.

Talking steering wheels, many autonomous vehicles are doing away with those entirely.

Ford CEO Says Dumb Cars Will Disappear But Smart Ones Won’t

“Ford’s future is not about giving up the car,” Jim Hackett, the automaker’s chief executive officer, said at the Michigan CEO Summit in Detroit. But there are “no dumb cars in the future.”

Most likely, the dumb drivers would also disappear from handling the wheels. More important, smart people would likely realize owning /driving a car is dumb too.

Imagine. GM Says It Will Launch A Robot Taxi Service In 2019

Why own when you can simply ‘hail on demand ?  Why drive when you can simply relinquish that manual task to more capable electronics that can see and react and won’t get distracted,?

If you own a conventional fuel powered vehicle, and still spend interminable hours in traffic, cursing and swearing, take heart. In a few short years, you would be able to use your time for more productive things other than driving a car. The lost manhours spent in traffic in a place like Lagos and other metropolitan cities would be a thing of the past when ride_hailing services (using Delft driving vehicles) fully mature and get democratized.

Your car has always been a liability. It keeps taking money from your pocket. Fueling, repairs, parking tickets, insurance, unrelenting depreciation. The new era of self_driving vehicles and ride_hailing would put an end to that, and the environment would be the better for it due to the electric vehicle revolution of zero emissions vehicles (ZEV).

(Start planning to) sell that fuel guzzling clunker of yours. The future roads have no space for it.

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