Dig your well before you are thirsty…

Dig your well before you are thirsty is a book by Harvey Mackay. The book is about networking, but the title is quite apt in describing the need to plan ahead and be prepared for the vicissitudes of life. Life throws at us, all sorts of emergencies, some major, some minor, but that doesn’t stop us from planning ahead to mitigate the unpleasantness of those things that could catch us napping, otherwise, It is said that “fortune favors the prepared”. Besides, opportunities don’t fall into unprepared laps.

Photo courtesy - spinsuck.com

Photo courtesy – spinsuck.com

This post was inspired by an unfortunate occurrence that exemplifies the need to always have an umbrella available before there is any hint of rainfall. So, this man gets woken up in the middle of the night with cries of his heavily pregnant wife going into labor. Clearly, the woman was due, but the husband had apparently not found it expedient to be prepared. A human pregnancy normally spans nine months. The family should have enough time to prepare for the addition of a bundle of joy (or even three simultaneous bundles!). The preparation would be psychological, sociological and most importantly, financial. The delivery may be by Caesarian Section, even when all seems fine. There could be other medical complication, with the attendant financial implications. So, at the hospital, this man who had not bothered to ensure the pregnant wife visits the hospital for regular ante-natal sessions, had multiple shocks. First, it was discovered that there were THREE babies in that amniotic sac. Three. For someone who happens to be a low income earner, his expenses have been unexpectedly tripled. Coupled with that, due to some talk about a narrow pelvis and some other medical mumbo jumbo, a CS was immediately necessary. The man was asked to cough up o N150k for the operation to be performed. Now, for a man who barely survives  from pay day to pay day, such an amount is simply nowhere available. To cut the long story short, the pregnant woman and the unborn babies didn’t survive.

Photo courtesy - humanresources.about.com

Photo courtesy – humanresources.about.com


Being prepared , digging our well before we are thirsty, is something that applies equally to monumental things like the case described above, as well as little things that could progressively snowball into bigger issues. Going late for an interview because you left things until the last moment (where is that car key? ), leaving your urgent cash need to the mercy of an uncertain ATM on a Sunday, forgetting a critical item when there is a plane to catch and missing the important flight as a result. These are all the direct result of not doing things ahead of time. Procrastination, being the thief of time, is also to blame for not doing things well ahead. We are mostly a nation of people who leave things until the last moment. both at the national, as well as the individual level. We would omit obtaining the statutory Bank verification Number (BVN) at the banks … Until we are barred from carrying out banking transactions. We would leave the collection of the Permanent Voters CARD (PVC) until a few days to Deadline . Such attitudes merely put us under unnecessary pressure. If we are going for that wedding.out of town, or, that business meeting… how about setting out well ahead of time? . As a doctor, are you sure that electricity generator is well serviced and has adequate fuel before embarking on that complex and lengthy brain surgery? Do you take the time to cultivate that important friendship, or you wait until you are in need?

After all, a friend in need is a bloody nuisance. By digging our well… well before we are thirsty, we are assured of having the means of quenching that thirty if/when we encounter that thirst… You want healthy teeth tomorrow? Brush your teeth TODAY !

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