You Can Find A Lot Of Reasonable Buys At Wal-mart. But One Key To Making It On A Budget Is By Donating Your Time And Labor To The Project. Do-it-yourself Projects Will Always Help You Save — Nate Berkus

When I was still very young, I remember my brother learnt in secondary school how to make things like soap, ice cream, body cream, etc. I recently got annoyed enough with the persistently galloping prices of things, and decided to go online to see if some things we use regularly at home couldn’t be made personally, without much stress. We know it is a time of recession in Nigeria and we have to keep looking for ways to curtail our expenditure and stretch out income as long as possible. This can easily be done by reducing the cost of things we have to spend on regularly, (and maybe not so regularly). It is often said that knowledge is power, but knowing is not enough. Applying what you know is where the real power lies.

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Thought of grinding your egg shells in a grinder, and using this as scouring power? It is very effective. No,you don’t need to keep wasting money buying scouring powder. Google, Bing and Co have always been there. They provide unlimited access to unlimited knowledge. Any knowledge known to humanity would be there only if we ask Google. Having this tool, we often fail to utilize it properly in everyday scenarios. Sell, it is time to look inwards. You brush daily, maybe more than once. You use hair cream. You polish your leather shoes, you use soap regularly. Perhaps you could make some of these items, and save yourself a bundle?Too busy, you say? Usually,you spend time to save/make money. Did you know you could make shoe polish,and keep your leather shoes pristine and shiny longer, inexpensively? And it doesn’t take much effort?There is not much to it. Many of these ingredients are available from a Chemist Shop.

To make Black Shoe Polish Melt wax in boiling water and stir in the potassium, using a large pot to allow for the mixture foaming up. Dissolve the nigrosene in a little cold water and stir it in thoroughly, bring to the boil, and simmer gently for some minutes, stirring it until it creams.

How about toothpaste?

1. About 1/2 cup coconut oil.

2. 2-3 Tablespoons of baking soda.

3. 2 small packets of stevia powder.

4. 15-20 drops of peppermint or cinnamon essential oil.

5. 10 drops myrrh extract (optional)

Hair cream?

2 Tablespoons shea butter ( find organic unrefined shea butter)

½ Tablespoon coconut oil ( find organic unrefined coconut oil)

½ Tablespoon olive oil

¾ teaspoon jojoba oil

¾ teaspoon sweet almond oil

½ Tablespoon pure aloe vera gel

⅛ teaspoon Vitamin E oil 15-20 drops of essential oils

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I remember buying a small bottle of water based gum for ₦300 recently, feeling ripped off. I was completely annoyed when I went online and discovered there was nothing to it. This crap is made of corn powered (ogi or pap), vinegar,sugar and alum. That’s all. I bet the production cost of that thing couldn’t be up to ₦50 Imagine! So, make google your friend, and cope better with recession. Go online,and find out how to make day to day household things. It would save you a bundle over time,and who knows,you could commercialize this knowledge.

If You Want Something Done Properly, Do It Yourself

To ginger you up, here are some links on how to make:

Polish  Gum Body Cream Liquid Detergent Scouring Powder

Google is your friend for other things.

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