Data Security Begins From The Cloud

The headline screamed,

EFCC Office On Fire, Data Centre Burns To Ashes

EFCC is Economic And Financial Crimes Commission. There would be a mountain of evidence being held in their offices to prosecute the Treasury Thieves and other financial criminals. It is not unreasonable to expect that there would be stringent effort deployed to preventing those evidences from being tampered with, or eliminated.

Now, what does it take to bribe a poorly paid officer of the EFCC to incinerate evidence, by setting fire to evidence, when no one is looking?

Very little.

What immediately came to mind is that some evidence is being covered up. Arson.

This was very common on Nigeria some years back – rampant fires in government establishments, especially finance_related sections!

Recently, I had some trouble with my phone,and had to reformat the phone unexpectedly. That was when I again appreciated the importance of backing things up to The Cloud Without The Cloud making it easy for me to recover critical files and information, I would have been in some bitter tears!

Someone who should know (a force in the Cloud Infrastructure Business) has this to say about this EFCC fire,

The incineration of thr EFCC Data Center is yet a another reminder to Technology and Business Executives that Cloud Technology is essential. Data is the new oil.

We need to balance the risk of catastrophic data loss from accidents / arson versus
warehousing data with global Cloud Infrastructure Providers.

I hope this serves as a clarion call to those in government to take data security much more seriously, formulate the correct policies, and start acting without further delay.

Data is life itself</b, as one of the Networks Providers like to say. Data can be turned into electronic dust in microseconds, hence the need to backup data digitally, and them secure them offshore, in duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates and multiplicates … on RAiDs.. depending on the level of importance of the data.

Someone, while acknowledging the importance of government backing up electronic data securely, expressed concern regarding National Security,

Sovereignty considerations necessitate warehousing a country’s data within the confines of that country.

These global Secured Cloud Infrastructure Companies do not have their Data Centers here.. So, they represent a bigger risk, to me.

The US government is a major customer of Microsoft Azure but their data is not in any other Microsoft Corporation Azure’s Data Centers locations outside the US.

This sounded like a reasonable submission, until someone noted,

Can anywhere really he worse in terms of porosity than your countey?

Talking Sovereignty, note that most of data handled by mobile banking apps are located outside Nigeria, Whatsapp banking -also, digital chat bots / virtual assistant banking store their Data offshore.

So, be assured that our data is already out there! Coupled with increasing digitalization, the major part of our data is already resident with Google , Apple, Facebook and Microsoft…

I would say these big four, and even Amazon are far secure, reliable and safer for keeping national data, than hosting data in Nigeria!

Corruption, and general lackadaisical attitude – coupled with criminal cyber-activities enabled by internal employees makes infiltration too easy . We don’t even have that tier of infrastructure here, anyways.

Talking Sovereignty is akin to personal egocentricity that can easily destroy the person.

It’s a regulatory thing. Even TelCos are not permitted to keep data outside the country.

There is a digitalization bridge to cross. How much of Nigerian Government activities are digitalized ?
You go to a Ministry and sometimes they cant even locate relevant files this age and times!.

Our lack of moving in tandem with the rest of the world is why we are perpetuating inefficiencies / mediocrity, and are so backward. Some East African countries is doing far better than us!.

There is also a regulatory bridge to cross in preventing similar catastrophic occurrences like this EFCC inferno from having dastardly (premeditated?) effects. Government establishments are not allowed to keep their Data outside Nigeria. Even Telecommunications Companies are similarly prohibited.

It is hoped that we would eventually have a government /minister that is truly in sync with technology, that would drive the comprehensive adoption of computerization of our MDAs and take us out of our current gelatinous technological stone-age .


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