This Is A Strident And Very Common Complaint By Lots Of  People Using Android Phones.

It Is Such A Common Problem That It Is Important For us To Examine How To Circumvent This Annoying Problem.

Once The Problem Starts,  Uninstalling Installed Apps Does Not Release Much Memory Because The Space Occupied By The Android Apps Themselves Is Negligible.

The Problem Is More Profound.

Apart From Users Who Make Use Of Devices With Gargantuan Internal Space,  Most Droid Users Will Eventually Run Into This Problem Sooner Than Later.

The Problem With Android Phones Running Out Of Space Is Due To Useless Log Files Progressively And Gradually Clogging Up The Android File System.

For The Ordinary User,  The Logs Are Of No Use. The Logs Are Useful Only To Developers And Other Techies

It Is Surprising Why The Generation Of The Logs Can Not Be Made Optional By The Android Operating System .

One Definitive  Solution Is To Stop The Log Files From Being Generated In The First Place.

Another Method Is To Intermittently Delete Those Logs,  Thus Freeing Up Wasted Space.

Both Methods Require That You Root Your Phone.

The First Method Entails Freezing The Mtklogger Application. This Is Only Applicable To Devices That Make Use Of The Mtk Processors.

In The ‘engineering Mode’ Accessible Through The Exposed Module Called Gravitybox And Through The A Droid Application Called Mobile Uncle, This Mtklogger App Can Be Frozen On Some Phones.  This Is Not Possible On My Phone,  The Tecno Phantom  A Iii,  Which Suffers Serious Memory Clogging Too,  And Benefits Hugely From The Methods Described Here.

The Second Method Of Addressing The Internal Memory Getting Chock Full Of Junk Entails Identifying Folders That Are Made Up Of Useless Files. And Purging Them From Time To Time.

You Would Be Able To Access Your Root Folder After Rooting Your Device Only.

If You Are Averse To Rooting Your Android Phone, You Would Need To Make Do With Devices With Very Big Internal Memory, That Also Do Generate All These Logs (Like The Tecno Phantom Z Or The Tecno R7)

After This,  Any File That Allows Root Access Would Be Used To
Identify Folders With The Biggest Sizes In The \data Folder. It Is
Very Easy Because The Files Would Have Very Big Sizes.

Once You Do That,  Google The Folder Name To Be Sure Its Contents Are Safe To Delete,  Then Having Established That,  Delete The Contents (And Not The Folders Themselves.)

Bookmark The Folders,  So That,  In Future,  When They Gets Clogged With Useless Log, You Can Easily Identify What To Delete. And Five Clicks, Or So, Can Solve Your Problem Until The Next Junk Exorcism.

On My Device, The Tecno Phantom  A Iii,  I Have Identified Four, Or So Folders That Usually Get Intermittently Clogged Up With These Log Files. I Purge Like Once Every Week..A Necessary Dialysis

These Folders Are All Located In The \data Folder,  Under The Root Directory.

These Are..


On Some Other Phones, These Could Be Named Totally Differently,  But Just Note That The Folders/Files Clogging Up Your Internal Memory Are Always  (Almost) Located In The Root (/Data) Directory,  Are Of Sizes Markedly Bigger Than Other Data Files,  And Thus Easily Identifiable As Junk After Googling. In Addition To Manually Deleting The Contents Of These Useless Folders Sporadically,  Three Android Apps That Could Be Used To Keep Your File
System Fairly Clean Are :

Clean Master
Sd Maid (Pro)

They Are All Available, Free, On The Google Play

Running These From Time Time Would Keep Your (Internal) Memory Largely Tidy,  But The Heavy Duty Solution Is The Manual Deletion (Or, If Your Phone Allows It,  Freezing The Mtklogger Application Itself )

Once You Do This,  You Would Be Eternally Free Of The Heartache That Some Clogged Android  Phones Can Bring.

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