As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.” – Genesis 9:7.

A report says,

Nigeria Records 7 Million Births Annually – UNICEF

I have a major headache headache just reading this headline.   While being populous has its massive advantage, being populous without corresponding productivity is undesirable.

Perhaps we should, legally, curtail the rate  at which we manufacture children in this country – just like the Chinese did? The Chinese also went overboard with their population explosion some years back, prompting a governmental legislation for permission before you sire a child.. 

Is it not an irony of life that, while the Japanese people have an ageing population and are being encouraged to procreate, a country like Nigeria has citizens – mostly the poorer uneducated folks –  procreating with reckless abandon?.

Conversely, the average young Japanese is more interested in work than sex (or the opposite_sex). It is so bad government wants to pay citizens to marry and have children.The Japanese are not having babies because they work too hard and long.
It is because they decide that the hassles of relationship and parenthood are too much for them.

They probably reason,

Who Wants To Waste Time Changing Diapers When You Can Be Changing The Entire World Instead?

They don’t want to socialize. Why socialize when you can be working and producing something useful?

Here we are in Nigeria.

Is it not alarming seeing many people  living on $1 a day churning out kids indiscriminately? 

The world is full of irony. In affluent  countries where citizens can afford to have a higher number of children, they do not.  Also, formally educated women are more likely than illiterate ones to make use of contraceptives, marry later, and thus have a smaller number of children

The reverse is the case in poor (people in) countries where their ‘productivity’ is not the type that would advance their lives. Each child you this world reduces your disposable income, pauperizing you.. This is true at whatever affluent level. 

It is why, bringing a child into this world is not something to frivolously embark upon. The actual process may just take a few seconds, but the result after nine months is years of responsibility and, possible sorrow.

However, given the fact that the entire Japanese race (and other countries with low procreation rates) could get wiped out unless a reversal happens , perhaps nature is just compensating for scarcity of children in one area with an overabundance in another area?

Why do the poorer folks tend to breed like rats?

– Perhaps because many lack access to effective contraceptives (_poverty_), or lack proper birth_control education / information?

– Perhaps the poverty level means the cheapest form of entertainment they have is sexual activities (the more frequent the sex, the more likely the unplanned pregnancies come in cascades)?

– Perhaps ecause there is very abysmal level of social support and poor affordability of sound medical facilities, the poor may feel safer having more children as an investment against old age.

– Perhaps there is is a religious angle – like some Christian denominations forbid masturbation, contraception, abortion as well as coitus interruptus! 

What’s a man to do?

– Where there is ignorance (lack of education), superstition tends to be rampant. The poor is often heard saying things like,

Children Are A Heritage From The Lord, Offspring A Reward From HIM,

The more the population explodes without the accompanying structures (medical, education…) and resources to cater, the poorer the citizens become . The poorer they citizens become, the more the population booms.

A round robin situation we have here.

So, what is the solution.?

Improve the economy through good governance, make education and healthcare more accessible and affordable. 

It would appear that, good governance is pivotal to improvements in every facet of our lives..

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