Cook The Followers Before Microwaving The Leader.

We like to keep pointing fingers at those at the governance level (Presidents Governors, Ministers, etc) as being very corrupt and the reason for most of our national woes.

But, taking a perfunctory look what happens almost everywhere, in both public and private establishments, you find that the problem is not even principally or primarily with the leaders, but rather with our citizens at our different levels.

The biggest problem with many of us in Nigeria is the belief that the country will be changed for the better once we vote the right person as a leader. The erroneous belief is that all solutions to all national problems start and stop with the President. and that radical and magical transformation would happen once you have the right person at the helm of affairs.

Most of the problems of Nigeria are caused by Nigerians themselves and intimate linked with the shared values of…

It is where a man is working that gey will be eating (na where man dey work, na there e dey chop.

Hear this from someone who would know:

We are doomed in this country.. The one that will institute sanity is our country has not been born yet.

To get an appointment in the civil service now is a matter of bidding.. mostly, highest bidder. It is happening here, and pervasive in most government agencies.

Cash and carry employment.

If you have an NCE/ OND you pay ₦500,000. With a BSC/HND, that’s ₦700,000. No cheque, Just cash.

A friend is currently sourcing for ₦1,200,000 for her younger sister to be employed in the office of the accountant general

I can easily believe these things because a friend of mine in kogi state told me of how close he got to befit a member of the House of Representatives if not that he was unable to raise a particular amount that was required to get

Simple cash and carry, as it was the turn of that particular part of town to provide a candidate, but palms need to be greased to facilitate things .

Remember that Mallam el Rufai, current minister of Kaduna state and former minister of the Federal Capital Territory alleged that, before he was confirmed as Minister, some members of the House demanded for bribe!

The mam blowing a whistle privately continued,

For someone on Grade Level 12 to do a transfer of service to a juicy MDA (Ministry, Department, Agency), ₦2.5m to ₦3m would be needed.

it is so much cash and carry that, if you can raise the money, in two weeks flat, you would have effected a transfer of service to an NDA you desire.

There is a permanent “NO VACANCY, NO EMPLOYMENT” sign, but people with the right money or/and connections secure employment here regularly.

No interview.

They just come for documentation and we just see them with paper with instructions to be given orientation. This is despite the fact that there are over a hundred people who were employed locally here over the last 2 years on contract basis, and have only received their salaries twice within the 24-month period.

Yes; If anyone thinks the problem of Nigeria is just with the leaders, or that somebody will come from heaven to come and solve our problem, that person is either naive or simply ignorant of all the multiple cartels existing in different agencies and even at individual levels.

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