Communicate; Banking Is Not About Expiscation

The Most Important Thing In Communication Is Hearing What Isn’t Said. – Peter Drucker

In certain situations, Peter Drucker may be correct. Not in this situation

So, today, I wanted to access my Wema ALAT Account. I fired up their mobile app, and repeatedly got an error message.

I quickly fired up a Twitter message to these chaps on their handle(alat_ng)



I am presently unable to login l on my ALAT app .

Your app says,

You Are Offline, Please Check Your Internet Connection

But every other app on my smartphone is connecting. I am sure nothing is wrong with my Internet connection…

The response I got was,

@alat_ng: @Eye_Bee_Kay

We apologize for the experience. We would advise that you Kindly update the application to 3.1.2. to enable you login.

What I asked myself was,

Why don’t they make use of the email channel to reach out to their customers that a new update was available (each time there is an update) , and that it is mandatory to update to continue using the banking app?

I noticed two other people complaining about the same inability to login successfully, one saying this situation had been on for five days – for him!

A simple email from this bank to their customers would have averted all the headache.

So, I updated the banking app, and I was immediately able to login, and do some transactions.

About one hour late, after logging in again, the bank balance couldn’t be retrieved and the app basically got stuck in a loop.  I repeatedly logged out and in.

No dice!

I had an urgent transaction to do, have money in my account, but can not access it, and didn’t know why.


I sent an email, left a message on their Whatsapp CRO Number, as well as on twitter. Yes, I was that desperate.

This was what I sent


I have updated the app as directed. I can now login successfully.

But my bank balance can’t be retrieved by the updated app . I can’t perform any transaction..

App just says, ‘fetching transactions…’ and basically gets stuck there.

What do I do now..?

After a silence that spanned about two hours but felt like ten hours, I got a response, on the Whatsapp CRO, and on Twitter,  and an automated email response.

@alat_ng: @Eye_Bee_Kay


We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences experienced.

Please be informed that we are currently having a system upgrade which is affecting all our platforms, service will be restored shortly.

Kindly bear with us

Now, having to do impromptu unscheduled work on a computer platform. is sometimes unavoidable. Even giants like Facebook, Google and other big companies occasionally have a downtime.

What is annoying here is the lack of communication to customers. Send an email to all your customers. Can this be so difficult?

I said this much,

@alat_ng Thank you

But don’t you feel customers should be informed when this kind of hiccup happens?

You have our email addresses….

Courtesy would demand you send emails to your customers,  rather leaving us to wonder what is happening! .

There followed an immediate apology,

@alat_ng: @Eye_Bee_Kay

We really do apologize for the lack of communication.

However, kindly be informed that service has been fully restored.

Yes; the fault was speedily rectified, to their credit. Wema ALAT has always been fast is resolving issues, technical or not.

But their great technical ability would be better appreciated if they would simply communicate issues to their customers in a timely manner, through the email addresses.

After all,just as Collaboration Is The Soul Of Business., so also is COMMUNICATION .

Experiences like this just reinforce the belief that Three Banks Are Probably Better Than One…

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