Just like Discipline Does Not Begin With Caning, same way Citizenship Does Not Begin With Wailing

I have just read the following on Twitter, and it resonated with me.

@OgomV: Last Week Lawma Cleared The Drainages In Mushin. Today It’s Raining Again And Mushin People Have Brought Out Waste To Dump On The Roads Again

He forgot to mention those that directly dump in the gutters! At any rate, the refuse dumped on the roads would eventually end in the gutters.

We tend to criticize government for everything ranging from our leaky roof to Mama Sikira burning the weekend soup, while engrossed with watching Tele Novella, soup procured with the last tattered Naira notes!

However, we can help government achieve its aims and objectives by being good citizens. Government cannot be everywhere, watching out for pipeline vandals, apprehending criminals, pedestrians crossing roads where a pedestrian bridge is right there, kidnappers cherry picking people like oranges for ransom, or be on perpetually lookout for the guy throwing mountains of refuse into drains once it starts raining, causing flooding.


Government already warned that the rains this year would be heavy. People inhabiting certain areas were warned that they should relocate, to avoid the flooding. To keep throwing debris into drains when rain falls, dropping pure water sachet all over the city and disposing energy and fizzy drink containers all over the place does not help our ecosystem. And government can not be blamed when the resultant flooding comes!
keep clean

These acts of indiscipline would simply keep aggravating our environmental problems. Government can not really completely stop us from doing these things, other than keep appealing to our sense of propriety and sensitizing the masses.

Like that wayward teenage girl that you keep from running after boys, it is a waste of time because you can’t watch her every second of the day, and you certainly can’t watch her forever .

Citizens need to be encouraged to do the right thing, without being coerced . Just like children need to be raised to do the right thing because it’s the right thing, not because daddy is watching, or there is threat of punishment.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. We can then assume that a dirty environment peopled by dirty people cannot be godly. As a matter of fact, I have read somewhere that the manifestation of some evil phenomena is usually accompanied with the smell of excreta!

While we look onto government to provide infrastructural amenities / facilities, let’s always play out own little role. That’s the only way we will build an environment and country we can be proud of.

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