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  • Kii Keyboard, The Ultimate Android Keyboard
    These were about my unending quest to get the best Android Keyboard that offers the best productivity.On a touchscreen phone, the most used application is probably the Keyboard, and its efficacy affects productivity monumentally if you type a lot.I do.

    Of course, the term ‘best’ is similar to current HIV status. One could be negative this month, and be positive in two months time.

    Regarding the new keyboard kid on the block
    , Chrooma  Keyboard
    has just raised the state of the art
    regarding what is possible in keyboarding..

    Chrooma keyboard

    Of course Google recently upgraded their GBoard
    Keyboard with features like being able to access Google Search
    right from the Keyboard, being able to search through an overflowing list of emojis . Some may find these mind blowing, but they obviously have not encountered Chrooma  Keyboard up close, and personal.

    Chrooma  Keyboard also allows you access to the Google Search
    but additionally has a Scrollable Customizable Toolbar, where you can place your often used apps – up to six , define a customized often-used characters, as well as

    , Cut
    , Select-All
    and Paste functionalities.

    The prediction bar doubles as quick access to the System Clipboard (you swipe left and numerous items previously copied to the clipboard are listed for choice).

    Chrooma  Keyboard
    is based on Google Keyboard, but with tonnes of additional features built on it.

    The newest version 4.0
    has performed major magic by being just a third of the former application size.

    I haven’t perceived any serious lag, the keyboard does practically everything you would see on any of the class leading Keyboard.

    One thing though that I would love to see are edit keys like Home, End. and Cursor Up).

    Chrooma keyboard

    The other edit keys like Cursor Right and Cursor Left (Swipe left or right on the space bar), Select Text (Swipe up from space-bar, then drag left/right), Select-All, Copy, Paste are all present.

    Chrooma  Keyboard Is Replete With thoughtful Design Decisions.

    You can Swipe Left on the backspace key to delete the  word with the Cursor on it / close to it, you can delete the ENTIRE block of text to the left of the cursor by Swiping Up on the backspace key (with ability to undo that by tapping on the prediction bar)

    Optionally permanent and configurable number rows are present

    Chrooma  Keyboard is bursting with features. It addresses lots of gripes I have with Google Keyboard now renamed GBoard  by Google, and actually converted a friend who was a Certified Tapper into a Swiper.. He is busy singing the praise, despite having cycled through all the popular keyboards available in the Android market.

    As mentioned earlier, his new version is just a third of the former size. It does far more than the current Google GBoard Keyboard does, at a smaller size.That’s programming proficiency / efficiency!

    Just three Italian college students working on this. I am so proud of them

    Chrooma  Keyboard is what Google Keyboard Version 6 (aka GBoard) wants to be when it grows up.

    Google Keyboard Still Doesn’t Handle Correctly The Cycling Through Different Cases Of Multiple Lines Of Blocks Of Text, A Bug That Has Remained Uncorrected Since Version 5.My Greatest Gripe With Google Keyboard Is Its Inability To Autocorrect In All Situations.(In URL Fields Or With A Text Editor Like Webmaster Text  Editor Lite, It Is Totally Unusable).

    Practically All The Leading Keyboard Apps Offer The Ability / Option To ‘AutoCorrect Everywhere’.

    Have a look at the rejuvenated and recharged Chrooma  Keyboard 4.0.

    Here’s the feature list


    -Resizable Keyboard-Supports English, Italian, Spanish, etc… and INDIC languages (more than 60 languages).

    -Night mode (change automatically color tonality according to the ambient light).

    -Choose between a gradient palette or the flat color.

    -A tonnne of emoji

    -Supports all devices

    -Remove change language button (option).

    -Remove language label on the spacebar(option).

    -Custom color picking for app.

    -Number row(option).

    -Customizable long press duration.

    Grab a copy of the Ordinary Version
    on ApkMirror.

    What’s New

    –Improved Performance and Neural  Prediction

    –Action Row

    – GIF Tab

    – Smart Clipboard

    – Custom Number Layout

    – Quick Punctuation

    – New Intro

    – Dictionaries Download

    – Smart Colored Navbar

    – Smaller Apk

    – Words Blacklist

    – Updated Emojis

    – Better Performance

    Buy the Pro Version if you love it.





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