“I’d Rather Vote For Something I Want And Not Get It Than Vote For Something I Don’t Want, And Get It.”
— Eugene V. Debs

So, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar of PDP and President Muhammad Buhari of APC will be slugging it out between themselves in their quest to become the President of Nigeria in the next Presidential Elections – as flag bearer of their respective parties  .

There are of course other participants in this race for the Aso Rock , but we all know they are unlikely to make any significant splash in the Political Ocean. The Fela Durotoyes, the Moghalus, the Sowores would participate, but no one gives them much chance in this race.

So, it is basically a two-horse race between Muhammad Buhari, the incumbent, and  Atiku Abubakar.

There are many people who believe the current President should / could have done far better in over three years in office. They are therefore determined in replacing this President by speaking with their vote next year. 

There are also those who believe the former VP is a capable and experienced administrator. There are however constant allegations of past financial misdemeanor of years past by Atiku.

Even Former President Obasanjo once swore that ATIKU would only become President over his dead body 

Now, while both camps have their loyalists, there are those who believe being saddled with just these two  candidates (realistically) have put them between the devil.and the blue sea.

For them, replacing a PMB with an ATIKU makes no difference, leaving them with the onerous task of choosing between two evils. Given that, realistically, either Buhari or Atiku would become President, a citizen who wants his vote to have an impact has to choose between these two on voting day.

Some believe they are having to choose between supposed administrative / managerial competence (ATIKU) – with the supposed corruption baggage against incompetence (coupled with integrity).

Someone opined,

If a man who bribed delegates with 42bn naira becomes PRESIDENT, A TI KU (we are dead).

This is my greatest fear in the Nigerian politics- that people with the right intentions cannot get into position without sackfuls of money.

For now, it’s politics of the rich, by the rich for the poor.

I agree.

The following is the comment that actually triggered this post,

But, must we choose between these two on the basis of their prospects of winning?

We can not make progress with this kind of attitude of making a choice between ‘two evils’. We had this kind of situation in 2015, and history is repeating itself!

Why are we ignoring the more vibrant newcomers to politics, just because they stand very little chance?

Another concerned person said,

Participation in politics transcends choosing a a candidate more likely to win  Being in a minority opposition has its electoral value.

There is the need to build a credible opposition which will over time evolve into a robust platform that Nigerians can depend on to actualise their dreams, and that’s why I subscribe to voting not  just within the constraints of the lesser evil.

This is certainly worth pondering over..

For me, realism is good.

Whether I vote or not, either Former VP Atiku or President Muhammad Buhari would likely. become the President. Why vote if your vote is not likely to have any impact (like voting that political neophyte) with no “national spread “?.

So, I might as well vote effectively, even if I believe the two people that the Political Landscape has thrown up aren’t the best we can have.

So, which is the lesser evil? That’s to judge. It would be representative of Why You Vote The Way You Vote

Choose This Day Whom You Would VOTE!

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