Cheap Words – Empty Promises

There is the story of a fox who fell down a well accidentally. Try as it did it could not get out.

A goat was passing by, happened to look down the well and saw the hapless fox down there.

“What are you doing down there”, the goat asked.

Have you not heard? There is going to be a severe drought in the land. I am staying down here so that I can be sure of having enough to drink. You better join me down here, so that you may also have enough to drink and survive  the imminent drought. The goat considered this, decided in its goat’s head that this was
sound advice, and jumped into the well.

The foxy fox, seizing this goat_sent opportunity immediately leaped on the back of the goat, and used that as leverage to catapult itself out of the well!

Now, it looked down gloatingly at the goat,  trapped inside the well, and said, “dont ever trust the words of a desperate man”



It is the political era.  When you look at politicians make all sorts of promises, you can sense the desperation behind some of these promises.
Like the fox advised the goat, don’t trust the words of a desperate politician…
Desperation for power is usually the driving force in this part of the world (Nigeria and the third world), definitely not
the zeal to serve the people. So taking political promises with a pinch of salt
is wise.




In getting mesmerized with munificent oratory, we need to look beyond the sweet words and their delivery, and consider the antecedents of the one making those promises. That’s a surer measure of the integrity and dependability of the promises being made. If a man made made promises in the past and failed in fulfilling many, why should I believe any new promises he makes?.


Let us be as wise as serpents and be more discerning that that gullible goat as we pitch our political tents.

That way, we don’t get trapped. Like the goat.








We admonish all our readers to let good judgment prevail in their choice of whom to vote for in the upcoming elections in Nigeria. Nigeria is greater than any one individual and the future of our land depends on your vote.

We are not partisan and the post does not reflect the belief of this site but that of the author only.












1 comment for “Cheap Words – Empty Promises

  1. Tony
    March 27, 2015 at 1:09 am

    An absolutely responsible point of view! It is mature too. If a dog bites a man It’s a mad dog. If same dog bites same man again, It’s a mad man.

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