Success Comes To Those Who Dedicate Everything To Their Passion In Life. To Be Successful, It Is Also Very Important To Be Humble And Never Let Fame Or Money Travel To Your Head.


A. R. Rahman


A.R. Rahman is right in one thing, allow the money travel to your BANK ACCOUNT, not HEAD.

So, this guy has been slaving at a particular start-up company for years. His focus has been laser-sharp, laced with passion, imbued with dedication and sustained by unending learning – to stay ahead of the competitive curves.

The professional satisfaction has been unimaginable, the fame / popularity and glamour – unsurpassed.

Yes, Man Must Not Live By Bread Alone, but that doesn’t translate to Man Does Not Need Bread. Fact, you need bread and even more than bread.

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do. You also cannot run a family on passion alone, unless you find a way to also translate that passion into hard cold income, a.k.a CASH.

So, this guy eventually woke up to the realization (after slaving at his passion for years)- that the gray hairs are getting more luxuriant, the bones a bit more creaky, and time to swell his bank account is running thin, while meeting basic daily obligations that we all need to attend to as responsible family men is getting more difficult.

A friend noticed that the passion is waning, and, concerned, asked what was happening…

Here is the short conversation: between the two:

Consistency is very important , bro..
I don’t seem to be seeing as much fire under your tail like in the past years in this your venture.

What is happening – burnout?

I would love to see a rekindling of the passion that endeared us to your brand in the past. This must not be allowed to die, despite the challenges ooo…

This boils down to the eternal conflict between income and excitement. There is no easy way around this.

See my daily struggle to meet basic financial obligations. Basic things of life seem to be bigger that they should be.

The question I have finally had to ask myself is, do I want excitement or do I want good income? Since pursuing the money instead of running after brand recognition / passion, income has been growing steadily.

Without income, I would financially die, along with this passion you talk about.

See ?

SubhanAllah !!I I feel you., walahi… A knotty one..

A very knotty one, my brother. I can easily make hundreds of thousands a month, but have stayed stuck on measly coins year after year, all in the name of passion…

I am now wiser jare

I can actually relate to this. Very many people are doing what they do to be able to pay their bills, not because they are happy there. They would leave their jobs in a jiffy once an alternative surfaces.

As far back as 1993, an employer interviewing me for a job asked why I seem not to stay long at a job. He gleaned this from my Curriculum Vitae.

I told him that I had not been fortunate enough to find excitement / professional challenge, coupled with good income.

He then said,

Young Man, You Have To Choose Early.. Professional Satisfaction , Or Money.

He said very few lucky people have the two. I didn’t follow this advise for years, preferring to chase professional satisfaction ahead of money.

It was only a few years ago I finally decided I need money more than yeye professional satisfaction.

Aha. See? I wasted years chasing passion . It was fun. I enjoyed it.

But, I am not getting younger. I want more than excitement. I want money in the bank. I want a legacy for my kids and less insults at home.

I will try my best to keep the excitement going, but wherever there is a clash, I will choose money. Every single time.

After all, You Are Dead Without Money.

This is certainly one of those instances where Common Platitudes Are Not Always Correct.

Do what you love with, passion and the money will take care of itself


That has certainly not been the case with me. We hear these things – and they aren’t always good advice for everyone.

God help us while we try to help ourselves.

So, do you do what you do just for the money? Given the option of choosing between working for money, or following your passion, how would you flow?

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