We tend to blame the Government for almost all the ills of society. Rather than engage in this Blame Game, I think we need to let Charity begin from out homes.

I believe the solution to the multifarious crises in the country lies with ‘the people’. When we talk about ‘Government’, we need to recognize the fact that each and every single one of us constitutes a minigovernment. The spate of kidnappings, bombings, genocide etc- are attributable to deep dysfunctions in the fabric of society. There is serious injustice everywhere we look. That, when carried on for too long, at high levels, will eventually cause a spark (like the one that started the tsunamis in the three North African Countries (Libya, Egypt and Tunisia).

Our problems are legion, but the solution (to most of them) is our ability to nip corruption in the bud.

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A country with a very low level of corruption (social, political, economic) will have less tension. Resources are likely to be better spread. Remember a hungry man is an angry man. If there are hordes of unemployed and underemployed people, with no hope for the future, pervasive poverty – with no outlets to express their grievances – this can only lead to one thing – violence, restiveness, robberies, kidnapping, and so on.

An idle hand/mind is the devil’s workshop.

We may begin to tackle our problems by doing our bit at our individual level. If your children see that you have zero tolerance for injustice, are above board in all your dealing, keep to your words and to time, they are likely to imbibe those qualities. Those qualities, sustained over time, will rub off on the way we treat ourselves, and our outlook on life.

We have enough resources to go round. Most of our problems, are, in the final analysis – linked to material acquisitiveness . There is enough for everybody’s need and never enough for eveybody’s greed.

Since the country is naturally bountifully and bounteously endowed, the only problem we need to deal with is rapacious greed and avarice.

It will need sacrifice and concerted effort at the individual level.

Decide not to stand for injustice. Say ‘no’ to corruption.

For instance, you are in a public bus and a policeman tries to extort money from the driver, let all the passengers say ‘no’ and sacrifice time to ensure the right thing. It is simply a matter of the will of the ‘do  gooders’ vs the ‘evil dooers’.

Somebody tries to jump the queue anywhere, let us all protest and stand our ground.
Isaac Newton, the famous scientist says that ‘a body continues in a state of constant velocity unless acted upon by an external force. Changing the ‘status quo’ would take focussed effort and sacrifice. Otherwise, we will continue to be be where we are, and the stagnation will just continue.

The people in Government are not aliens. No Government can stand unless the people allow it.

So – we should stop blaming ‘Government’ or expect it to be any different from what subsists in the larger society.

Most people do not believe in the country. They believe in their pockets. Once their immediately family is okay financially, they imagine all is well. There is a need to change this perception. We need to be our Brothers’ Keeper more. Generally, we are too lethargic and docile as a people.

Let us all strive to ALWAYS do the right thing – no matter how painful and unfashionable. It will take time, but we shall get there!

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